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DJ 3pm 7:39 PM - 30 July, 2004
Anyone have any suggestions for a new turntablist?

I was looking at "Turntable Technique: The Art of the DJ"

Suggestions appreciated as I make the transition from the 0's & 1's to the 1's and 2's.
Alexander 8:13 PM - 30 July, 2004
If you are just looking to learn to scratch you can check out DJ Qbert's DIY series. The DVD above shows you everything, but I am not sure how long you been playing for? I wouldn't recommend it just for scratching cause that means at least 1 hour of that 2 hour DVD would be useless to you! Just my .02 cents
BadCompany 3:43 PM - 2 August, 2004

... please dont go buy a F&^%##$ing DVD to learn how to scratch and mix!... go develope your own style!... all these lamers who pick up Qberts dvd are just lame qbert clones and there are already a million of them on earth as we speak!... this is the same reason NOT to learn all the names of all the clone-poser-tablist moves... MAKE UP YOUR OWN MOVES!... [im not saying Qbert is a poser hes amazing!...] Just listen to stuff you like and make your own NEW style! DONT go get a DIY DJ video!... why would you do some cookie cutter bull$hit like that...?!? ...cuz your just gonna come out another Q clone if you do...

bottem line: make up your own moves... be yourself not Q, not A-trak, not PVD,... yourself!
DJ 3pm 4:08 PM - 2 August, 2004
Perhaps the reason why I would go buy a "F&^%##$ing" DVD to learn to scratch is because I am NOT a professional DJ. I am a computer technician with a company that pays me to work 40 hours a week and gives me health insurance. I have yet to find a club that offers a dental plan. I DJ as a hobby, and it helped pay my way through college. I know how to mix, I have been able to blend successfully for several years now. As I stated, I am a new turntablist. When I was in college, I could spend vast amounts of time learning something new. Now that I am paying back student loans instead of sitting around smoking bowls and listening to music all day, I am looking for a shortcut to advance my skills.

I'm not trying to clone someone's style anymore than you are. You do realize that you are cloning what Grandmaster Theodore was doing right? You didn't invent the scratch, you bit it from the old school DJ's.
Alexander 4:53 PM - 2 August, 2004
I would see the DIY stuff as just a learning tool....not trying to clone? Someone has to show you the basics....and then you can develop your own style. Just my .02 cents?
SpinThis! 5:35 PM - 2 August, 2004
while i agree with the "don't bite anyone's style" nobody is completely original. it's important to get a foundation for some basic scratches. learning about different scratches is more or less like learning chords in music.
BadCompany 9:45 PM - 2 August, 2004
LOL... I'm an Electrical Engineer!... I'm not a pro Dj either!... I'm SURE that I'm just as busy as you with your computers and health insurance... not like its that hard listen to cool scratching, work hard, and inovate... but whatever floats whoever's boats :D