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liinden 1:53 PM - 6 September, 2010

Exactly how is beatgrid working? Is it just a function for matching BPM and without manual setup of downbeats it will be totally off? What is your experience of this function in ITCH, is there something good, beeing able to setup all beats manually before a gig, giving you tighter mix or just a pain in the ass that a good beat-engine could do? I'm thinking of it compared to Traktor, Virtual DJ and TORQ...

Telemitry 8:59 PM - 6 September, 2010
I've been playing with ITCH without a controller for now as I am considering switching from Torq. I use Cues and the Grid in Torq for quick mashups on the fly. With Itch I've been noticing the grid bpm's to be a bit odd at times. It seems to sometimes just be a few bpm's off of the overall track analysis. A member on here KLH has been helping me some with this. Somehow, Itch seems to calculate the grid differently then Torq does. Or maybe it's that Torq presents a grid based on the original BPM, then you just have to adjust as needed. When I try to adjust the Itch grid though, it seems to either make things worse or never quite line up right by the end of the track even with songs I know are the same tempo through out. So as you explore keep me posted. KLH, maybe you need to post us dumb asses a you tube video on how to properly manipulate the grid to match the original BPM's !:)
ChrisD 10:39 PM - 6 September, 2010
Here's a tutorial video on using the Beat Grid with ITCH and Scratch Live:
Lexronn 6:31 AM - 12 August, 2016
Here is the best Beatgrid tutorial for any music
Lexronn 6:35 AM - 12 August, 2016
Here is the best Beatgrid tutorial for any music