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File Location Fix Please

DJ Bouj 6:08 PM - 25 February, 2007
Is it possible for SSL to automatically update the location of tracks, when we switch the location of tracks on our hard drive, i have to manually change all my crates in SSL, it would be great if it automatically knew where i switched the files on my hard drive.
DJUltimate 12:15 AM - 4 May, 2007
yes yes, i agree
ToddLarBoy 3:44 AM - 23 May, 2007
this happens a lot if a root folder or subfolder was renamed. the software should detect similarities and prompt if it has assumed the new location correctly.
taken a step farther I could ethen take a crate created by another serato user and import it on my own system. the feature could then find where my tracks are compared to the original crate owner and build me the identical crate from a different folder structure.
takes a while just to explain, so i'm sure it'll take a while to build.

thanks for listening
cappinkirk 6:13 PM - 24 May, 2007
i would like a button that analyzes all tracks before starting a gig to make sure that everything is all greens, no pinks!!! There could be feedback on what is wrong & ways to fix any problems before you start. Then you know that it will know cr@p out on you!!!
wizdum 11:12 AM - 2 June, 2007
YES !!!

Great feature !!!

I would love to see this one added.
nik39 12:46 PM - 2 June, 2007
BTW, there is a tool which can do exactly this... Check it out here <- click.