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Sam 1:22 AM - 2 March, 2005
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charles maynes 2:17 AM - 20 March, 2005

charles maynes
Stafford Doggy 2:35 PM - 13 June, 2005

just wanted to say hi

I´m a PnT user.

Bernd Waldstädt
Loudnoize 5:32 AM - 19 August, 2005
Hey Guys, just booing in as well. Glad to be here.:)

Imagine 5:36 AM - 23 August, 2005
Hi Y'all,

Just chiming in to say a quick hello...

Dean Landon
Dj Scientific 9:20 PM - 24 October, 2005
What up Y'all just adding on sayin I got alotta questions to ask

Dj Scientific 9:25 PM - 24 October, 2005
I went to the support page to find out how to get my authorization license card on my ilok I signed up registered my Serato SE and it told me to start an ilok acoount which I did but I don't have the liscence number how do I get it to put it on my ilok to open the program?

Stafford Doggy 11:12 AM - 25 October, 2005
Holla Dj Scientific!
I´m confused, if You insert Your authorization licence card into the iLok, then on first launch of PT should authorize your iLok automatically. (Is SE already installed?)
Wich Licence number are you talking about?
Serial of SE (sticker should be in or on Your SE box)
iLok, serial is printed on a sticker on Your iLok, if its missing, you gotta visit iLok website and synchronize Your iLok again, then You can see the internal serial of Your iLok again.

METRO 6:34 PM - 20 December, 2005
I have a similar problem. The Ilok authorization card wont
be recognized by the system. It seems almost impossible do anything but re-buy PNT and pay double, unless I can convince the store to take It back. Any ideas?
METRO 8:31 PM - 20 December, 2005
Well I feel badley for being a little harsh here. Serato solved the problem within a couple of hours of my posting and they did so very nicely... thanks
DJ_Mike_Coquilla 10:10 PM - 25 April, 2006
FS2 former user here chiming in :)

- dj mike coquilla
DJLorrence 4:23 AM - 26 April, 2006
hah! i get my 56 in a day or two.. yeah !
mexicannnnnn 6:43 AM - 26 April, 2006
Had one for like 2 years now ;-)
George Ware 2:47 AM - 22 May, 2006
Hello Everyone

George Ware
DJ_Mike_Coquilla 6:37 AM - 12 January, 2007
wow, this thang still alive?

tanks, i'm noob
tabarnac 12:36 AM - 13 March, 2007
hello everyone im kind of new at all this i would like to know more about ilok , studion edtion,i've got scarcht live so far so good exept for one thing how can i record what im doing with my table and for exemple make a cd out of it! thank tabarnac
sweet pea 6:02 AM - 8 May, 2007
Can anyone tell me the difference between pitch and time and pitch and time Pro?


sweet pea 6:07 AM - 8 May, 2007
Oops I just found the answers in teh FAQ area. Sorry to bother!

DS_vinyl 4:36 PM - 26 January, 2009
Hello everyone.
I have an ilok key activated with and registered with serato EQ but how do i use this in serato? some please walk me through
dave 3:20 AM - 2 February, 2009
Hi DS_vinyl, we're answering that over here: www.serato.com