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Feature Request: varispeed defined in semitones

Nathaniel Reichman 4:07 AM - 20 July, 2010
Product: pitchntime-pro
Version: 2.5
Platform: protoolsle
Computer: mac
OS Version: 10.5.8

Hello Serato:

As a long time user of PnT, I would reallly like to be able to define the varispeed in semitones. My current workaround is to set the semitone change, remember the percentage change, switch to varispeed mode and enter the value into the percentage field.


Nathaniel Reichman
12:26 AM, 26 Jul 2010
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docaudio 1:01 AM - 16 September, 2010
Absolutely! It would be much easier to have pitch shifting controlled in a meaningful musical way - at least the option. Presets for 1/2 step, whole step, etc. would be handy as well.
Also, make sure it goes into the FE version as well.