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3 decks 3 hours Live Recording using Rane 68 (TECHNO)

s3kn0tr0n1c 9:06 AM - 19 July, 2010
Ok guys here it is – My first ever gig using Rane 68 in a club. It is 3 Hours on 3 decks plus Kaoss pad recorded LIVE in Edinburgh at a club called jakN. For all those who love TECHNO you will love this. A wee bit juggling and skratching thrown in too...

Was one hell of a gig, crowd were ON IT.


rlaci 9:25 AM - 19 July, 2010
i will check it out

i hope it will beee deeeeep techno :P
rlaci 9:27 AM - 19 July, 2010
could you upload it to somewhere else? i can not download it from here
i would also advice to convert it to 160kbps VBR to get smaller size
rlaci 9:31 AM - 19 July, 2010
now my download started, but anyway i would advice you the site which i'm using for uploading my mixes

it is free. no download limit. you can upload upload as many smaller than 200MB files as you want for free
J0be 9:50 AM - 19 July, 2010
nice, will defo check this out
djbanno 10:06 AM - 19 July, 2010
Damn, 3 hours/3 decks recorded live!...i'm onto this...
s3kn0tr0n1c 11:10 PM - 19 July, 2010
Cool hope you enjoy. My first outing with 68

Whats the problem with megaupload???, ive always thought they were cool, up to 1 GB for free which suits me as I like to keep mixes at 320kbps and there usually 2-3 hrs long so take up space. I don't no why you want it worse quality, i prefer 320kbps all the time......should only take 20mins to dl even at 320 quality on a decent connection.

Some promo for the 68 mixer , Doing my bit for you Rane ; )
rlaci 11:40 PM - 19 July, 2010
it depends more on the codec than the bitrate
and i dont like megaupload, because i had to try 3 times to be able to download it
s3kn0tr0n1c 7:26 AM - 20 July, 2010
I used the lame codec at 320 so it will be as good as it gets......

Ive did personal tests with same track on each side of decks both at different bit-rates and I can tell the difference below 192k......anyway your welcome to drop the quality once you dl to fit on your mp3 playa etc it but id prefer to keep the master at isnt an issue really nowadays.

Anyway Ill look for another host for peeps but I find it strange you(s) have problems with megaupload as ive never had any probs ...

But, as I'm so kind I'll host it somewhere else tonight and be back with problem

Warren T. 11:22 AM - 20 July, 2010
Hey man possible to upload it to soundcloud or something? So we can just stream it instead...
s3kn0tr0n1c 10:27 AM - 21 July, 2010

can you stream rapidhare?? im sure i have in the past
s3kn0tr0n1c 2:59 PM - 1 September, 2010

Here it is stream-able for all that requested it , its on soundcloud......check it here-

and if you want you can still grab the 320k from above post.