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Mac OS x 10.6.4 Snow Leopard Core Audio fix

Scratch Live
Rane TTM 57SL
MPC3000 9:02 PM - 9 July, 2010
Product: scratchlive
Version: 2.0
Hardware: rane-ttm57sl
Computer: mac
OS Version: 10.6.4

Sorry if this is a re-post but when I searched for the fix a while back I found out that only one line channel can only be used as a core audio driver due to a bug that makes only one random line show up in the sound system preference.

BUT, week ago I was trying to fix a problem I had with the saving effects to mixer (still cant fix it, I think its another bug) and stumbled on a way to have bother channels show up on the sound system preference in Mac OS X 10.6.4 Snow Leopard.

Here is what you do,
1) Disconnect the ttm57sl USB from the computer
2) Put PGM1 to D1 and PGM2 to D2
3) Turn on the ttm57sl and let it load up
4) Plug the USB into the computer

Now in the sound system preference there should now be two Core Audio devices, ttm57sl line 1 and ttm57sl line 2.


Rane, Support
Zach S 4:12 PM - 12 July, 2010
Hey HTH,

I just checked out our 10.6.4 machine and it looks like Apple has fixed the issue with using the 57 as a two channel sound card.
It works!
MPC3000 6:11 PM - 12 July, 2010
does this not work on previous OS like leopard? i think the problem was not setting the pgm to the digital channels before plugging them in. so it may have never been the OS instead it just needed to be set up right. glad it works for you also.
Rane, Support
Zach S 6:55 PM - 12 July, 2010
I just tried your suggestion on my 10.5.7 machine and it still doesn't work.

As I said, I think they fixed this in 10.6.4:)
3:28 AM, 6 Aug 2010
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