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more info with tracks.

DJPozzi 7:13 PM - 1 January, 2007
Having a lazy new years day i decided to take a closer look at Other than a wider variety of music (which I believe is on its way) I would love to see each track with an attached BLOG. Maybe some info like:-
What album the song comes from.
Release dates for US & UK

Basically some of the info that is supplied with normal promos. I feel that this would be particularly helpful to all the radio DJs.

Pozzi ;)
dj disturbed 12:49 AM - 2 January, 2007
I hate the word BLOG.... its overused..... kinda like podcast..... its a fucking audio recording, nothing diff then what many others have been doing for year b4 the podcast craze started. [/rant]

Attaching some extra info to the tracks would be cool though!!!
DJJAZZ 1:33 AM - 2 January, 2007
mmm sorry bout that but dont u have that info with that small ( i ) on the left of the track !!!
dj disturbed 1:51 AM - 2 January, 2007
heh didnt see that.. lol

But more in the smaller view area would be nice... just more basic info... like release dates and stuff so we can see at a glance realy how old it is.
dj disturbed 1:56 AM - 2 January, 2007
maybe headings like

Release Name - Artist- Label- Genre- Release Date- Rating- # times downloaded

That would help out alot... Rating would be if they alllowed us to rate the songs so others will know what the other dj's think about it. And # of times downloaded will tell you if its ben downloaded by alot of peeps to see if the rating is legit or if just ones one or 2 peeps rated it