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Quality of files

DJ SuB XeRo 7:50 PM - 30 December, 2006
Is it just me or is the quality crap?

I don't understand the purpose of these files if they sound like garbage, sorry to be harsh. That was one of the turnoffs I had for Digiwaxx, and this sounds worse.
dj cubicle 8:35 PM - 30 December, 2006
Crap in an mp3 application or crap in Serato?
nik39 10:05 PM - 30 December, 2006
They will sound like crap in any application except for Scratch LIVE, and even then, you must make sure that you are using at least Scratch LIVE version 1.6.3!
dj disturbed 12:46 AM - 31 December, 2006
I guess no one reads the info about whitlable tracks b4they sign up and start downloading!!!
Steve W 2:50 AM - 31 December, 2006
Maybe we should add a voice-over to the (crappy) preview? Something like: "This is only a preview. High quality playback is only available in Scratch LIVE version 1.6.3 or newer"
nik39 2:53 AM - 3 January, 2007
lol, that sounds good :)
longshot 2:59 AM - 3 January, 2007
I've been testing 1.7 beta, does it recognize the wl format?

Great job with the site by the way, keep the hot tracks comin!

And Happy New Year.