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Forum Suggestion: Include section for reporting faulty files or file labelling errors

KMXE 7:14 PM - 30 December, 2006
as stated in subject.... have a section where users can report link faults or any labelling errors on each track.

I've just tried to DL The Game It's Okay, and twice now I've gotten a 'File Access Error' (using Firefox's DownloadThemAll feature).

Also, on another track - the BPM for the Clean, Dirty, Acapella were not the same (cant remember the title).

Basically, having an area to report these types of errors may be helpful
nik39 10:07 PM - 30 December, 2006
Yeah, a "report" buttong for releases.


Would be nice if there would a text box where you could enter a message.
Steve W 2:42 AM - 31 December, 2006
I believe the plan is to have a forum-thread-per-release, but I can see how specific error reporting could be handy.

"Make it so"
KMXE 5:16 AM - 31 December, 2006
"Make it so"

star trek quote?