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HELP: My Cookies Are On!!!!!

Mixmaster T 7:03 AM - 29 December, 2006
Hey guys at Serato
Still having problems with logging into both your sites.
For the past couple of days i have logged into here, then logged out. then over to the scratch live forum but it says

To login to this forum you will need to turn cookies on in your browser.

They are on, otherwise i wouldn't have been able to log into whitelabel in the first place.
What is going on?
Does anyone else have this problem?

(Im using Firefox 2)
Matt G 7:16 AM - 29 December, 2006
I'd try deleting all cookies for and It sounds like your browser still has some messed up cookies somehow.
Mixmaster T 10:49 AM - 29 December, 2006
Tried that, and tried it again just then to be sure.
Still no luck
Matt G 6:04 PM - 29 December, 2006
Are you using any particular firewall software?
dj cubicle 11:55 PM - 29 December, 2006
Every once in a while I get weird messages like that in FF. I haven't figured out why, but through some series of events that I take, mine gets unchecked. Try checking Tools \ Options \ Content and make sure that Enable Javascript is marked.
dj cubicle 11:56 PM - 29 December, 2006
okay, so i moved the 2nd and 3rd sentences around because I thought it would make more sense. Apparently not. Read sentence 3, then sentence 2. ;-)
Mixmaster T 6:51 AM - 30 December, 2006
Matt G
Ive got zone alarm

Nope my javascript is still checked
Matt G 7:35 AM - 30 December, 2006
Ok, try disabling Zone Alarm and see if that makes a difference.
Mixmaster T 9:47 AM - 30 December, 2006
Its not zone alarm
As it turns out, it seems to work if i wait about 10-15 minutes or so.
Must be a server thing that finally releases the connection or something.
I just cant skip from one forum to the other in quick succession.

oh well

thanks guys
Matt G 9:50 AM - 30 December, 2006
Have you tried turning off Zone Alarm?