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Matt or Sam

dj cubicle 11:24 PM - 28 December, 2006
I imagine things are pretty well out of the testing phase at this point, but is there anything special you guys want us to try with these tracks or with the site itself?
layzn 11:35 PM - 28 December, 2006
yeah i want to know too. whats the goal of this beta? bandwidth testing?

was song preview disable btw? i was using my other computer with firefox2 last night and did not see a song preview/play button in both the download page and song info page. only the download button was visible. bandwidth issues?
layzn 11:36 PM - 28 December, 2006
fyi. the play button is back today on my IE7.
Matt G 2:52 AM - 29 December, 2006
The preview button is a little Flash app. If you don't see it in Firefox then my first guess would be that you don't have Flash installed in Firefox. If it's not that, we can look deeper.

As to what to test? I'd say just use the site as you would any other site and let us know if anything doesn't work for you. Likewise with playing the tracks in Scratch LIVE. And if there's anything you particularly like or dislike about how either works, let us know that too. Thanks :)

All the serious bugs should be gone by now, but there are a few smaller ones remaining, which we're still chipping away at.
Sam 3:55 AM - 29 December, 2006
and ... tell everyone you know about!!! :)
kev_the_dj 4:31 AM - 29 December, 2006
Interesting...the song preview isn't working for me either. Some songs play, others don't. I have Flash and all that installed, but it doesn't really play.

Also, you guys have DJ Forums support!
Matt G 6:35 AM - 29 December, 2006
With the previews, wait a second or two before pressing play on them after you open the release. If you press too quickly it won't play (and won't recover without a page reload).

An annoying bug, but it should be fixed soon.