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stickers and shirts

Supagee 5:09 AM - 28 December, 2006
so when does the mass push happen.

i would like 20 stickers and a couple XL shirts.

Talrinys 5:18 AM - 28 December, 2006
Gimme posters, me want posters!
DJ SuB XeRo 1:30 PM - 28 December, 2006
I'd like a t-shirt too, definately phatty.
babu 5:52 PM - 28 December, 2006
totally ! i want some also ! where can i get it
at least i'm not a broadcasted padawan dj but i can wear the whitelabel's blazon
custom_1 11:55 PM - 28 December, 2006
ya, i'd pimp some shirts/stickers for gettin word out!
FANDF_DJFLETCH 1:25 AM - 29 December, 2006
yep, stickers and shirts!!!
Supagee 7:28 AM - 29 December, 2006
you know it
Lambie 8:20 AM - 29 December, 2006
Yes pleaseeeeeeee, stickers and XL & XXL t-shirts, thanks!
dj disturbed 3:37 PM - 29 December, 2006
accomplicejunglist 5:03 PM - 29 December, 2006
My entire crew now all play with using Serato. We would be more than happy to help promote


j cue 10:14 PM - 3 January, 2007
new era style hats with serato logo on em!
Dj Silver Glass 1:53 AM - 4 January, 2007
shirts and stickers would be very nice. esspecially womens shirts! :)
DJ Dale P. 11:09 AM - 4 January, 2007
holla back wit dem shirts and stickers
djbobbyblaze 2:42 PM - 4 January, 2007
I would like to have some shirts & stickers, too!!
Lucas D 11:35 PM - 5 January, 2007
Hook a brother up

Dj Delirious 11:48 PM - 5 January, 2007
Yea i would like some stickers and some med T shirts that would be awsome
deejaychoice 12:45 AM - 6 January, 2007
yes i would love it!!!
switchrodeo1260 12:45 AM - 7 January, 2007
yeah, white new era's with black "WL" just above the brim
djwrecklesstw215 4:21 PM - 7 January, 2007
yea i would like serato logo... new era hats.... 7 3/8 that would be hott!
yea L tees and stickers if thats possible....?
and if u got serato logo tees too in a L... thanx (email) get bac at me asap....
Crickett 11:38 PM - 7 January, 2007
I'll take a couple shirts and hats...HOOK it up.
dj shon g 12:21 AM - 9 January, 2007
aww that would be hot...........
djtrizzak 8:57 AM - 11 January, 2007
some XL and XXL and some stickers please
djmel 5:59 AM - 23 January, 2007
ill take any an all shirts 3xl is prefered.and any all other serato rane items for promotion. (( i like dj wrecklesstw215 idea with the fited hats.. im sorry but im have to byte)...u ready........CRUNCH!!!!! here comes the pain.
J rubs 3:16 AM - 24 January, 2007
new era style hats with serato logo on em!

that shi* would be nuts, mad fresh
Supagee 4:00 AM - 25 January, 2007
guess ppl really like the shirts and hats idea. let's get it on
Scott B 8:25 AM - 25 January, 2007
We just showed a new range of shirts at NAMM for Serato - loads of diff colors.
I'd love to know what colors you guys want before we do the stuff.

eg: Green Print on Yellow, Black on White?

Thanks for any input
Serato, Support
Matt G 2:05 PM - 25 January, 2007
Black print on white please ;)
djwillfx 7:35 PM - 25 January, 2007
definately black on white please :)
Dj Gains Bond 8:08 AM - 26 January, 2007
yes, white on black for me please thanks... DJ GAINS BOND, TOP FLOOR ENT.. FOCUSED FAM ENT..
custom_1 8:49 PM - 26 January, 2007
I like the idea of all black with just the red/pattern/side of 1200 platter, or maybe like vertical waveforms on the back in large and a small Text logo/saying/ad on the left breast.
Linhnie 10:38 PM - 28 January, 2007
can you hook up on some SMall sizes? some vest/wifebeaters for us chicks on the SSL?
mexicannnnnn 3:28 AM - 29 January, 2007
Scott put up some samples so we can see how they look.
ceedee 12:34 AM - 2 February, 2007
Yes please black on white for me please! Will model it beautifully at my nights :)
Chrisssss 3:24 AM - 2 February, 2007
I like black with yellow print or orage with a black print
Linhnie 3:55 AM - 2 February, 2007
i'll be your you no.1 female model;-)

DJ Juan G 2:17 PM - 3 February, 2007

I'll take black.
wazoo 7:21 PM - 3 February, 2007
black is cool or blue with black
Chrisssss 8:09 AM - 4 February, 2007
@wazoo: blue with a shiny sliver print is hot
Dj.B1n4ry 3:03 AM - 5 February, 2007
black and red or black and white
theJhiz 4:45 AM - 6 February, 2007
i'll take one of each abovementioned including the female model:D
j cue 12:04 AM - 7 February, 2007
yo linhnie,,wazzup!
JJ TRAXX 8:34 AM - 7 February, 2007
stickers and shirt please. black and white will work.
johnnie quest 3:14 AM - 8 February, 2007
me to on everything 4xl
DJ-CSPAN 4:19 AM - 8 February, 2007
me to on everything 4xl

Us big DJ's need some loving too ya kno!!!
Jester 4:24 PM - 13 February, 2007
black on white deffo
JC sona family 12:03 AM - 14 February, 2007
hey me 2 4xL koolio
SHOOK 4:36 PM - 15 February, 2007
Any color on black
Morgi 11:28 AM - 18 February, 2007
White shirts are fresh, with the logo back and front and on the sleeves as well.

A nice polo shirt with embroided logo would be wicked to.

Stickers are dope. Hook me up
DJ-Rome 5:20 AM - 19 February, 2007
Is this like a give away or do we actually order them? I wouldn't mind having a Serato shirt.
Ghostcopy 3:14 AM - 20 February, 2007
I really love hats and would like to add a serato hat to my collection i have a shirt from the design a shirt comp last year. Also my suggestion is 2fold i love hats as previously mentioned and also it can be the only thing a crowd can see of the dj (his head that is ) so put a serato hat on them!
christos 6:36 PM - 3 March, 2007
I would love a rainbow glitter version! LOTs O-Colour! TANKS & VISORS!

sunkingz 1:20 AM - 5 March, 2007
i have a hip hop store here in phoenix arizona, witha hip hop studio. let me know if u have any promotional material for our store,
MaxBrank 2:00 AM - 22 March, 2007
Hi, iwould like yellow logo on green army t-shirt, L or XL. We are four djs using serato in my crew, and we play in my radiobroacast in France. Thanx
Nicky Blunt 2:10 PM - 26 March, 2007
new era style hats with serato logo on em!

thats that shit right there!!!!!!

Gimmi gimmie gimmie!

Also large t-shirts with the logo on

But More so new era hats (or to the style) with logo!!!!!!!!
Nicky Blunt 2:11 PM - 26 March, 2007
also white print on black for both hats & tees please!!!!
DjUplift 7:03 PM - 28 March, 2007
I need SHirts and stickers GO xxl white on black red on black w/e
4play 9:12 PM - 28 March, 2007
For sure I would want to be a part of this... I'll give em away at gigs and my radio show.
4play 9:14 PM - 28 March, 2007
As for colour... it's all good, as long as it isn't pink....i don't do pink ;)
DJ SticKeM 12:58 AM - 29 March, 2007
I will go ahead a take some too!!!! WOOT! All colors are cool!!!
Deejay Z 8:28 PM - 29 March, 2007
black shirt white lettering :-)
red shirt black lettering....
IanJ 10:47 AM - 20 April, 2007
all this take about shirts I had to make this lol
DJ Teck 8:53 AM - 4 May, 2007
nice typing ian! i like that one more then the original logo. the original looks a bit cheap to me!
maybe add the rising vinyl on the right site.

black on white would be classic!! orange on grey is nice, too!
Nicky Blunt 9:22 AM - 4 May, 2007
new era style hats with serato logo on em!

that shi* would be nuts, mad fresh

Any news on any of these items???
dj disturbed 4:49 PM - 4 May, 2007
new era style hats with serato logo on em!

that shi* would be nuts, mad fresh

man i HATE those style hats... some Flexfit style hats would be the shiat for me!!!
Danny Blackstone 6:16 PM - 17 May, 2007
Just getting anything will be cool with me!
rollanotherone 3:14 AM - 27 May, 2007
What about wristbands, for those sweaty performances. And no, not like those live strong trendy things, I mean real wristbands. And someone posted higher up about a waveform pattern. How about the words "whitelabel" in waveform. And only the inside ppl would know it for what it really was.
DjCarzz 5:59 AM - 27 May, 2007
dude id totally pay the $5 shipping as long as the shirt is free....all about the principle babyy
Dj Silver Glass 1:18 AM - 30 May, 2007
i would love some stickers and a Med. shirt.
lottusse 12:38 AM - 4 June, 2007
i work in hip hop store here in madrid spain. let me know if u have any promotional material for our store,

black and white will work.
size L

dj disturbed 6:21 AM - 4 June, 2007
I want a shirt that says
We Came
We Saw
We Conquered Chipflare

sound good to anyone else?
rollanotherone 10:34 AM - 7 June, 2007
HA! That actually made me laugh out loud, for reals.
rolldic735 4:26 AM - 8 June, 2007
i weigh like 130 ill take a 5XL in yellow, i want something that says solar.
rollanotherone 9:48 AM - 8 June, 2007
i weigh like 130 ill take a 5XL in yellow, i want something that says solar.

Are you Allen Iverson?
Dj-FiNe 2:04 AM - 10 June, 2007
Me to please size XL white print on black thanks
Dj Twelvizm 11:18 PM - 13 June, 2007
I'll take a XXL red shirt w/ black or white logo. And since I had to put in my shoe size to register, then betta' make them kicks white with red. Word.

And, if you could deliver my new BMW M3 by next week, that would be swell.

dphousedj 4:09 PM - 26 June, 2007
i'll take a XXL- T-shirt White on black would be great.
same for the kicks.
any stickers would be great from promoting.
Dan Speak 10:47 PM - 10 August, 2007
Would love a promo t-shirt(s) for the crew.
DJ Scramble 7:48 AM - 23 August, 2007
i would love to help promote white IF you could send me some shirts and stickers and stuff i will promote like crazy. my friend own a local promo company send me some stuff and ill get him to help u guys out also.!!!!

DJ Pympwell 12:54 AM - 29 August, 2007
Yes yes Yes

stickers, shirts, shoes.....

ya got condoms?

all xl please. ;-)
DjShadowIndy 4:21 AM - 29 August, 2007
Yes, I would Like a T-shirt and stickers too, I like to promote...

Thank you....
DjMachete05 5:26 PM - 2 October, 2007
I want to Repesent !! All that way from WISCONSIN Thanks = Dj Machete
VON DUTCH 9:51 PM - 4 October, 2007
I am one of newyorks top reggae dancehall dj i use seratoi would love to promote whitelabel hit me up and let me know how to do this DUTCHDESIGNS@GMAIL.COM//WWW.MYSPACE.COM/REBELDUTCH
djgreg31 10:23 PM - 7 October, 2007
I'm down for whitelabel. I would love to promote. T-shirt and stickers. Thanks
djchase 2:15 PM - 16 October, 2007
serato has taken the stress out of priniting lasbles buying 100's of cd to bring to the club id love to promote let me have a xl black t please thanks
Mexx 6:50 AM - 23 October, 2007
Hi i would like to promote serato too. I´m using it very ofent. I1m from germany. Please mail and tell how to do.Would be very happy about t-shirt and stickers.
mackthedj 2:59 PM - 28 October, 2007
Mos def. I'll represent. Doing TV/radio show in the NW. I'll rep T-shirts on the show. Stickers, any other promo.
Daim 7:21 PM - 14 November, 2007
yeah for me the white ssl interface please.. if u still got time please send a ttm57 as well.. i will promote u as good as i can. thx
DJ Jigga UK 10:32 AM - 26 November, 2007
Hey All Ill Promote Here In Wales jay_t_usa at
GrandMaster-D 2:59 AM - 28 November, 2007
I'm in far south Aus, and would be stoked to sport yer gear.
Hit us up!!
GHOST.ONE 2:21 AM - 10 December, 2007
im down for shirts size medium cus i dont need no big ass shirt... maybe belts/belt buckles and hats...

give me what you got
DJBBTaranakiRep 3:48 AM - 29 December, 2007
I'm in far south Aus, and would be stoked to sport yer gear.
Hit us up!!

Deeper in the south! NZ, Taranaki stylez right here! Send me a catalogue, prices, everything avaliable. Holla at ya boy

Raxwell 11:39 PM - 27 January, 2008
yah all that stuff would be the shiz
i would rock it, and get the word out
new era would be fresh
and could definetly use some L-XL shirts
and deffinetly some stickers, so i can put them in some hot spots
BenM 1:56 AM - 30 January, 2008

I don't know if this is really true (t-shirts? posters? etc?).

I work in Center City, Philadelphia and can slap some stickers all over. If it's for real, let me know and I'll gladly do it.

and an L t-shirt if that's really true?


djmel 7:19 PM - 27 February, 2008
has any one ever got any thing from this post at all( shirts stickers hats etc) i never did.
Dj SmiLez 4:56 PM - 12 March, 2008
I would like stickers and a 2XL shirt please
DJ Charlie Hood 5:13 PM - 12 March, 2008
i love stickers and doublexx shirts. what the bizness is
DjMestizo 4:07 AM - 25 March, 2008
A Large T-shirt and Stickers would be Dope!
Bomboo 6:01 AM - 25 March, 2008
Hey, Would love to promo your gear....T-Shirts Anything...Hit us up when eva!!!
Bomboo 6:06 AM - 25 March, 2008
Hey juz purchased the Rane TTM57-SL (Serato Mixer)...Awesome Dude!!
DefDJakaT.Roy 12:10 AM - 17 May, 2008
Hey, Would love to promo your gear....T-Shirts Anything...2XL
Daveykaywavey 1:07 PM - 29 May, 2008
Would love ANY promo stuff to wear at gigs in UK, or stickers.
Lot of interest in serato over hear. Would be alot easier for me to spend time explaining the brilliance of the program if I was wearing a nice t-shirt, lol
VON DUTCH 5:12 PM - 26 June, 2008
I would love some T shirts from serato and white label xl would be find how can be apart of this great company
The Fordster 6:18 PM - 26 June, 2008
i would love a 3XL T-Shirt please!!
Eismann-kombinat 6:47 AM - 28 June, 2008
yeah. i would like to have 1 or 2 xl T-shirts. many many thanx!!!!!!
fantastic 7:17 AM - 30 June, 2008
i'll be happy if you can send me some xl t-shirt!!!! THX
Stress213 3:18 PM - 9 July, 2008
XL Please
Daim 3:10 PM - 27 July, 2008
if i sold all ur email adresses to a marketing company i could buy a lot of stickers and shirts
Daim 4:33 PM - 27 July, 2008
A-BOMB 8:58 PM - 4 August, 2008
I'll take anything free like XL t-shirts, stickers, hats, and other promotional items. If not free I'll pay for them.
DJ Klyph 3:40 AM - 24 August, 2008
Can I get some stickers?
BeerRun 5:46 PM - 25 August, 2008
I will support the movement. Get me whatever you want me to promo!!! XXXL is my shirt size and whatever for promo items.
Chacha the turntablist 1:29 AM - 26 August, 2008
Id give white label a push. Give me whatever you wanna promo also....xl t shirts, hats, stickers, posters whatever it is.
dj suge shinsen 5:12 AM - 9 September, 2008
yo....we support whitelabel everytime we rock downloaded music in our sets and mixes. if you want to support the movement even more, get creative and make your own stickers and t-shirts.
word to the boombox rockers and united crates crew!!!
Psyphris 3:20 PM - 9 September, 2008
I'll take anything free and rep it. Stickers for the turntable bag + laptop. A shirt (large) to wear out at parties. A hat, posters, whatever whatever I'll rep.
ANDEEJAY 10:36 PM - 24 September, 2008
I would love to promote. Stickers and/or Shirt (Large) :)
Thank YOU!
balubriderm 10:54 PM - 26 September, 2008
Hook a fat boy up!!
baze 3:14 PM - 2 October, 2008
Am i the only one who hates playing in T-Shirt?
Normaly i have a polo, or a sweater.
Sometimes even a whole cashual suit...
DJ B PRETTY 2:12 PM - 8 October, 2008
yeah this is way of getting whitelable out around the world, I'd love a shirt that says B PRETTY USE WHITELABLE.NET, Sweet
DJ Hook 6:39 PM - 15 October, 2008
I would rep you guys all over florida for sure!!! get at me with some stickers and a large shirt or 2!! that would be rad!!!!

Big Up!!
treeo730 2:56 AM - 17 October, 2008
I still travel with a record box. It sure could use some stickers..
DJ BULL BANGER 3:37 AM - 18 October, 2008
i would love some stickers and tee`s 7xl
DJ BULL BANGER 3:37 AM - 18 October, 2008
ThAt DiGitAL kiD 7:30 PM - 21 October, 2008
I would definately rock the promo stuff at my gigs....count me iiiinnnn.
deep5 5:21 PM - 24 October, 2008
shirts would be awesome
peds 11:01 PM - 2 November, 2008
try going to dj shows i was at bpm at donnington england 2 weeks ago and got stickers and t-shirts a black serato and a white rane so they are about
djjoep 3:20 PM - 13 November, 2008
would love help promote im in new york so if you want ill take some stickies and shirts
DJFWB 5:18 AM - 24 November, 2008
I would definately love any kind of stickers and shirts avaliable. I absolutely love
jspata4a 6:20 PM - 18 December, 2008
might as well request shirts & stickers as well. also - is there a way to RSS the releases... or do you get emails like digiwaxx? anyone have other subscription advice? other digital record pools?

ALSO - i HIGHLY RECOMMEND Steve Spacek's "Dollar" track. i believe it's a Dilla beat? sooo nice.
Brigid 4:47 AM - 23 December, 2008
is there a way to RSS the releases...

No, but that's not a bad idea!
Elronz 3:41 PM - 28 December, 2008 XL size
DJ 2Skoopz 7:13 AM - 2 January, 2009
i would love to help promote

a couple shirts and some stickers will be good
Psyphris 5:35 AM - 5 January, 2009
Wow RSS whitelabel releases would be the best, hook that up please!
mrcrs 2:14 AM - 11 January, 2009
is there a way to RSS the releases...

No, but that's not a bad idea!

not bad at all... ditto!
Dj Doc Matrixx 6:29 PM - 13 January, 2009
Glad to help out. couple of tee shirts and some stickers would be lovely. I'm in the Chi. Good avertisement for when I'm on tour.
fu3kasl 7:23 AM - 14 January, 2009
I'm def down to help out & spread the word about I'm not going to be picky, send anything my way and ill be sure to promote. Shirt size is L just in case.
charlee1985 12:14 AM - 17 January, 2009
Bright blue on red would b siiickkk
CUSTUMCOLORZ 5:54 AM - 17 January, 2009
i would love to favorite price is in arizona but have friends that dj up and down the east planting my skillz out here in sunny az
sopranosupasta 7:13 PM - 17 January, 2009
mmmmmm. shirts... .I would like an OG white print on black shirt XL....
Redi2roc 12:01 PM - 21 January, 2009
red on black is hawt :)
djphilly 9:21 PM - 21 January, 2009
love the white on white shirt but you guys ran out :(
cypha 3:09 PM - 23 January, 2009
hey i am from nigeria my size is xl. can i have the t shirt and the stickers too.
mattbain 9:24 PM - 27 January, 2009
Shirts and stickers are cool, I wear shirts and stick stickers on stuff. People look at my shirt when I am performing so it might be a good promo for Serato.
DJ Kyle Rieger 12:10 AM - 4 February, 2009
I would love a shirt and some stickers...I play about 2-3 gigs per week, and would love to return the favor to serato and by promoting their tools...Thank you
DJSENSE 10:45 PM - 17 February, 2009
If you guys are still throwing stickers and shirts, I have a whole crew that Rocks in various venues with TTM57's and Serato and we even use the VSL...We would love some stickers and shirts to help promote!!!

GRiNDBoX 8:53 AM - 22 February, 2009
would love some stickers and shirts...its one way of promoting and serato
djknote 5:41 PM - 22 February, 2009
yes Zirs, can I grab som of dem goodies also. I gotcha on the promo side truss me... holla..L or XL depends on cut...
Dv8-68 9:32 PM - 24 February, 2009
I would love to promote serato and throw some stickers and shirts my way!!!!
milo1218 3:38 AM - 26 February, 2009
I would love to promote serato and throw some stickers and shirts my way!!!!

ill 2nd that i would love to do that for you guys
Pablic 4:33 AM - 26 February, 2009
Soon I will have a show on the radio and planing to use SERATO. If you have any promo materials (shirts, hats or stickers) just send them to me.
ThAt DiGitAL kiD 12:11 AM - 27 February, 2009
I will gladly flaunt any promo material during my sets....whatever you can send is greatly appreciated.
hgonzal214 8:53 PM - 1 March, 2009
some XL and XXL and some stickers please.....Hook a brother Up
DJ MIKE SHADOW 12:24 AM - 2 March, 2009
xxl t shirt - black or red

stickers would be nice also


dj mike shadow
Just B 6:28 PM - 2 March, 2009
I was gonna ask for some stuff but the Whitelabel is just too good to share :) Just like back in the day, we kept our record pool sources on the DL. Now if you just gonna limit it to those who post a review for the trax....GIMMMEE...GIMMMEE...GIMMMEE!
djfufu 2:32 AM - 6 March, 2009
yes...yes...yes...would love a shirt and plenty of stickers plzzzzzzzz
NGBlake3 5:30 PM - 6 March, 2009
Shirts = yup, make 'em large (or Med)

stickers, hats, all forms of promotion accepted and will be used to market the artist!
DJ Nate G. 4:20 AM - 7 March, 2009
I need info on getting promo supplies from --please respond to
DJ REY IN THE MIX 2:10 AM - 13 March, 2009
Hey can I help I could do a shirt(XL) and stickers if you still have any let me know

DJ STOUNDYN 1:22 AM - 25 March, 2009
Everyone loves white label...let the DJ's spread it! hahah
BERTO 2:48 AM - 3 April, 2009
new era fitted black with the whitelabel logo in white would be sick.
Dj.Kaspur 5:27 PM - 12 May, 2009
Hi Serato / please contact me via email, I would love to logo my white truck (new 2009 Ford Ranger) with Large logos! and would like to promote Serato and Whitelable with shirts and posters.
Free advertising for you.. just hand me some perks :)
Dj Kass 7:45 AM - 23 May, 2009
ey ya guys....could use some stunnin logos(all ans so on) if u got some :) or something with serato or whitelable to print them on some of my that everyone knows that i`m using the email
DJ MR. MYK 3:49 PM - 30 May, 2009
Hook me up with sum tee's and stickers also any other promo material. do alot of events in my area and promote different company product's such as redbull, moster ect; and have alot of dj's down apart from myself who use rane, serato equiptment.

Cheers !
DJ Rod B 5:06 PM - 1 June, 2009
Hey Dj Rod here I would love to rock some serato or whitelabel gear during my sets. can I get the hook up? will def wear everytime i take the tables. can I get a couple of xl's and a xxxl i have a road guy. Thanks!
DJ Rod B 5:15 PM - 1 June, 2009
Dj Rod again I also use rane and serato equipment love the ttm56 and sl so i'd also like my clothing to match during my sets lol. my email is
dj_sir 2:36 AM - 23 June, 2009
for sho!!! want wl and serato gear to wear to the clubs hola when these are ready...
D kenny G. 6:12 AM - 23 June, 2009
can i get a T-shirt,stickers please yall the truth 2x on the T-shirt
eagsbfd 10:10 PM - 24 June, 2009
Would like the gear shirts! Let me know when they are ready!
DjBLEST 11:55 PM - 24 June, 2009
2xl black and white shirts!!! anything that looks hard!!!
DJSi UK 1:26 PM - 25 June, 2009
Would love to get a T-Shirt, Stickers etc
dj pop-eye 6:43 PM - 25 June, 2009
i want stickers and shoes too 3x shirts 11 shoes
NickNy 2:14 AM - 7 July, 2009
Any updates on this or is this a wishing well ? lol
Dj.Kaspur 4:26 AM - 15 July, 2009
Hi Serato / please contact me via email, I would love to logo my white truck (new 2009 Ford Ranger) with Large logos! and would like to promote Serato and Whitelable with shirts and posters.
Free advertising for you.. just hand me some perks :)

Rane/ Whitelable? is this forum real? Please contact me with promo items, Truck still has room on it to promoto Whitelable...
DJ T-Killah 10:27 PM - 18 July, 2009
Can I get 2 shirts from whitelabel or serato??? 1 for me to promote it at gigs and 1 as give-away (prize) for my radio-show called URBANITE!!! It would be very great!!!

Contact me if possible:

yeah,stickers or posters would be also great as give-aways!!!

serato rocks very hard;)

tailspin 2:17 AM - 21 July, 2009
doubleclick 8:00 PM - 29 July, 2009
stickers and size medium shirts would be great promo gear for gigs and around college. Hit me up at
Dennisthemenace 9:06 PM - 30 July, 2009
I'll take any promotional items ill mostly use XL t-shirts & hats. I normally dj in a T-shirt and hat wouldn't mind getting the word out.
DJ RuDe 7:42 AM - 2 August, 2009
XL T Shirts and stickers here! Got gigs and club work to rock the advertising shirts & stickers
djbax 5:05 PM - 7 August, 2009
ll take any promotional items ill mostly use XL t-shirts & hats. hit me at
neilson 6:03 AM - 13 August, 2009
I'd wear a Whitelabel t-shirt to church!! XL pleeease.
ccdeomi 2:12 PM - 13 August, 2009
I would also love to have shirts and sticker logos to promote Serato at my gigs!!!!!! 7:29 PM - 13 August, 2009
Medium t's and stickers are a good look any promo item sent is good promo

info AT SirLanceLotOnline DOT com
Desmmondo 11:13 PM - 13 August, 2009
Would like to help promote, based in the UK !
Djharlem 12:25 AM - 14 August, 2009
Yes, plese hook me up. Any Promo items, shirts, hats, stickers.
djdicecapone 3:32 AM - 14 August, 2009
4 sure hook the djs up
djgmj 9:45 PM - 14 August, 2009
hook me up send me some info on how to receive them
360 Degrees 6:50 AM - 16 August, 2009
I would like some tshirts, stickers, and shoes please!... how do i get em?
dj_twizt 1:30 AM - 19 August, 2009
yes yes t's would be great and stickers :)
dj_twizt 1:30 AM - 19 August, 2009
yes yes t's would be great and stickers :)
wamsoftware52 2:41 AM - 19 August, 2009
I agree!
I would for sure represent some XL tees, hats, and stickers.
DJ100Percent 8:43 PM - 19 August, 2009
yes sir let me get some tees and stickers for sure!!
DJ RuDe 5:52 AM - 20 August, 2009
Hats too!? OK
DJ GiLAMONSTER 8:01 PM - 23 August, 2009
Yeah yeah!!!!!
DJ BEELZEBU1 1:06 PM - 25 August, 2009
I'd wear a Whitelabel t-shirt to church!! XXL, and STIKERS pleeease.
DeeJay Devil On Ice 12:06 PM - 27 August, 2009
i would love to get both if possible sticker for the laptop and a shirt to rock out. large please. let me know if you need more info.
DjEycee 6:10 AM - 28 August, 2009
white on black shirt would be a hit! send a large shirt one my way and some stickers would be awesome thanks in advance! 8:08 PM - 10 September, 2009
are shirts and stickers available still???
djwoody09 9:18 AM - 14 September, 2009
Stickers for sure please and some L & XL tshirts would be all good all day
msjstar 5:47 AM - 15 September, 2009
If they are still available i would love to rep and sport your shirts (M/L) and stickers!!!!
nuce1980 10:23 PM - 15 September, 2009
Yo, stickers, shirts, hats, shoes, boxers, socks, if you got it we'll rock it black with white print cool, red with white print cool, black with red print cool, red with black print cool, Beige with fucia print.....not cool lol hook us up
Dj Pex Da Pesada 3:35 PM - 28 September, 2009
hey what's up
I just want to know how much is going to be the shirts and stickers
I want some stickers and shirt if there is possible tahk you
SyNyStR 6:53 PM - 2 October, 2009
Would love to promote "WHITELABEL" over here in the West coast. Hook me up with about five or six shirts and stickers, I'll even put one on my ride!! (And I never do that!!!)

Love, peace, and hairgrease!!

L.P. aka Rev Bates 10:42 PM - 2 October, 2009
Are these actually going to be available at all ... had through Serato t-shirts already, but would also like ot push Whitelabel to get more coverage of Serato and Whitelable here in the UK
Joe-Cutz 5:17 PM - 6 October, 2009
DJ Joe-Cutz needs some tshirts to rep the music, the organization, the DJs, the ppl...
dj_sir 1:23 AM - 13 February, 2010
hey guys?? did you notice no serato oficials on this page?
(djcrownsupreme) 8:40 PM - 16 February, 2010
my laptop got destroyed and i am trying to get back all my downloads.when i tried to go back and download music some of them are not their there anyway i can get back all previously released tracks especially the just dance album.if anyway someone can e-mail it to me @
(djcrownsupreme) 8:42 PM - 16 February, 2010
oh yeah i need stickers and tee-shirts size xtra-large
Maskrider 1:52 AM - 20 February, 2010
Pene and Brigid go ahead and send me one of those shirts. Large Difinitely Black or Navy Blue.

Thank you
DjTitoDotCom 5:39 AM - 20 February, 2010
Please hook a dj up XXL Black or White shirt is good. Thanks!
djmel 5:49 PM - 24 February, 2010
dj mel shirt color blak grevy or blue. 3xxxl please
DJ-CSPAN 6:52 PM - 26 May, 2010
Some Stickers will be great, T-shirts I am still waiting since 06.LOL
Dj Farhan 12:09 AM - 27 May, 2010

I'm a dj/event planner, we do special high end fashion events here in Boston and NYC, spun all over boston from suite to felt to mantra to underbar. i spin mostly, hip hop, house, top 40, reggaeton, dancehall, international, arabic, and bhangra. i have djed fashion show, bdays, weddings of different traditions and cultures, graduation parties and so forth,

our company site:

our past events:


our NYE event:

our last NYC event:

this is me:

Dj Rodney C 10:18 PM - 1 June, 2010
Sounds Good to me too but, U guys seem to 4get about the bigger DJ's that wear bigger Tees!! 4x 5x and I will take a bunch of stickers too!!!!!!!!
johnwa 2:17 PM - 9 June, 2010
Me too! Hook me up.
Tron Swayze 1:21 AM - 10 June, 2010
2X and Stickers please@@@!!!

Thank you in advance!
DJDDT 3:32 AM - 13 June, 2010
If there are any shirts & stickers I can get (XXL or XXXL), please let me know: mp3.ddt(at)

dj_sir 1:18 AM - 21 June, 2010
hey mister moderator when are we getting some of these tees and stickers!!!! sounds like shite to me!!!!
Nicky Blunt 8:31 AM - 21 June, 2010
how are they supposed to get them to you if u dontleave an email address? or at least some contact details???

what are they supposed to use a crystal ball?
gdog 12:51 AM - 27 June, 2010, and I have passed it on.
Tron Swayze 10:21 PM - 3 July, 2010
tronswayze and I use I hope for the best!
selectajay 4:04 AM - 15 July, 2010
yall should kno if u aint doing no onsite promo for WL yall aint getting jack! spinning maybe u will get luckee one of these days!..
gk1 11:41 PM - 2 August, 2010
I Would Love Some STICKERS aswell. I Would Also Want A T-Shirt. Could Yous Send Me A Large Poster Plaese. THANK YOU SERATO + Rane. I Buy All Your Stuff, Ground Breaking. I Will Look Forward To Reciving My Stickers And Stuff.
DougEfresh 3:23 AM - 21 August, 2010
Im a local Boston dj & have been using serato for the last 3yrs & just recently bought the Vestax Vci 300 with Serato Itch......I love your product & would luv 2 help promote it any way possible.....So if u could please send me some stickers for my flight cases & some clothing 2 wear at my gigs, I would wear it with pride......Maybe some xxl or xl tshirts or sweatshirts.....
DougEfresh 3:25 AM - 21 August, 2010
Im a local Boston dj & have been using serato for the last 3yrs & just recently bought the Vestax Vci 300 with Serato Itch......I love your product & would luv 2 help promote it any way possible.....So if u could please send me some stickers for my flight cases & some clothing 2 wear at my gigs, I would wear it with pride......Maybe some xxl or xl if u dont have xxl tshirts or sweatshirts.....
DJ Mental 3:45 PM - 5 September, 2010 Include me too please.
aaronottio 7:59 PM - 8 September, 2010
I promise I've been killin' it out here in the NoSco....Reppin' the cause. I don't even need any free stuff. Just keep up the R and D.
DJ Tecniq 1:59 AM - 27 October, 2010
i want black on white plzz... I'd love to support whitelabel. the quality is outstanding when connected with serato. I wish i could play NOTHING but whitelabel files.
Keebler F. Baby 2:57 AM - 28 October, 2010
I would like some Serato New era hats & T-shirts also -
DJ Lexxther 2:25 AM - 4 November, 2010
I'd like to get my hands on a 2XL T-Shirt and some stickerz -
Dr Teeth 6:10 PM - 18 November, 2010
Syracuse based DJ
Would like stickers and/or shirts (L)
jkunz07 [at] gmail [dot] com
DJ Marko 10:57 PM - 18 November, 2010
Philly area here! I'll flash some goodies. Spin on!!!
selax77 12:35 AM - 22 November, 2010
Please send me stickers and a medium tshirt.
Rob Alahn 4:56 AM - 26 November, 2010
I'm xxl I currently promote whitelabel through my two residencies in Las Vegas and I also promote the serato brand via CV TV:
oml1200 11:54 PM - 4 February, 2011
So, has anyone actually received any stickers? I'd like a few to put on my laptop, truck and other equiptment. Nothing make you feel better then when someone says with envy "You use Serato?"
bonifide hustler 11:46 AM - 7 February, 2011 , yea its my real email address
BERTO 7:03 PM - 22 February, 2011
I would rock a new era whitelabel fitted
Nicky Blunt 6:40 AM - 23 February, 2011
I would rock a new era whitelabel fitted

no doubt!!!

we need this
DJ Quartz 12:39 PM - 25 February, 2011
Stickers and shirts for sure please!

White logo on black and black logo on white.

A white new era cap with with black brim and white embroidered logo.

Deejay Elite 12:45 AM - 5 March, 2011 would love to be included!
DJ ShownC 11:06 AM - 23 March, 2011
I would love some stickers, cap, and xl shirts please. Any color is cool
Nicky Blunt 3:11 PM - 23 March, 2011
I'd really like, my email removed from this thread, if its at all possible. Im getting huge amounts of spam in my inbox & i figure its prob cause i was stupid enough to post it for all to see.
dave 10:00 PM - 23 March, 2011
I can't find your email in this thread, what is it?
dave 10:01 PM - 23 March, 2011
Nah jokes, don't leave it here. If you can give me a link to it (click the LINK button and copy and paste the address in your web browser) then I'll remove it.
Nicky Blunt 11:36 PM - 23 March, 2011
THANKS DAVE MUCH APPRECIATED! Oops caps lock! thanks again minus the shouting
djmel 3:36 AM - 26 March, 2011
DJ Half 4:46 PM - 2 April, 2011
Dj F's 4:05 PM - 4 April, 2011
yea i want a whitelabel t-shirt!!! ,

DJJewlz 3:17 AM - 6 April, 2011
Large t shirt and some
Stickers and shirts for sure please!

White logo on black and black logo on white.

A white new era cap with with black brim and white embroidered logo.
Prezzy 3:58 PM - 17 April, 2011
I'd like a hat & some stickers
DJ Klyph 11:30 PM - 12 May, 2011
Is this still happening? XXL T + stickers
Clyde S 5:06 AM - 13 May, 2011
I'd like mine in white... XXL
Rob Alahn 10:27 PM - 14 May, 2011
Can anyone verify receiving promotional items as a direct result of posting info in this thread? Just askin'.
lopezj1290 11:37 PM - 15 May, 2011
XL tee and thanks!
lopezj1290 11:39 PM - 15 May, 2011
Can anyone verify receiving promotional items as a direct result of posting info in this thread? Just askin'.

DJ A-Live 6:20 PM - 20 May, 2011
XXL and as much swag as possible if it is available. I rock a SL! and NS7FX and a TTM57-SL. Think it would be nice to be able to promote my favorite companies.

Seriously hit me up:
Jonny-M 3:48 PM - 25 May, 2011
If this is still going i could squeeze a bit of room of the front of my mac to Get some stickers on there!
T-shirt would be sweet too.
If i'm not too

Much love.
Jonny (UK) 5:29 AM - 10 June, 2011
hook a brother up with a whitelabel tee shirt 2xl
Rob Alahn 6:44 PM - 10 June, 2011
I'll ask again...Cab anyone confirm receipt of any tangible swag as a direct consequence of responding to this thread?
Rob Alahn 6:45 PM - 10 June, 2011
CUSTUMCOLORZ 2:50 PM - 28 June, 2011 still hopeful though...
Dj Nah Mean302 3:38 PM - 31 October, 2011
i hope im not too late to ask i know some of these messages or like from the last couple of years but i want to get a seratko t-shirt a white one and a black one please 3xl holla at ya boy

DJ Nah Mean
DJ Sassy E 1:23 PM - 9 November, 2011
DJ BULL BANGER 9:45 AM - 23 April, 2013

i will rock shirts and promos
shirt size 7xl
trinishotta 1:28 AM - 2 May, 2013

stickers and shirts for sure 2xl pls
djmel 2:51 AM - 8 May, 2013 2xl or 3xxxl perfered
djmel 2:52 AM - 8 May, 2013
this thread is 7 years old....has any one gotten anything at all?
DJ Quartz 12:40 AM - 16 May, 2013
If this is for real, I'm interested.
guerillajoe 1:00 PM - 30 June, 2013
Deifinetley hit me up with some shirts and stickers
L74 1:28 AM - 8 August, 2013
i will rock any promo t's 4xlt plz..
DJ Lexxther 4:11 PM - 9 August, 2013
No more stickers and shirts? Did anybody receive anything at all?
DJ FLU 10:50 AM - 10 August, 2013
I am definitely interested in Stickers and Shirts if in fact this true! I am a big dude 6'3" I wear 4XL shirts! H.A.B.U. (Hook A Brotha Up)!
DJ Quartz 9:27 PM - 10 August, 2013
Where, where where?
Dj.B1n4ry 2:51 AM - 23 December, 2013
never received anything
Supagee 10:47 AM - 14 January, 2014
haha i wrote this thread back in 2006
The Despicable Nyan Cat 11:36 AM - 17 May, 2014
Can I get a black POLO-shirt? I'm luvin the golf-shirts right now!
The Despicable Nyan Cat 11:37 AM - 17 May, 2014
If this is still going i could squeeze a bit of room of the front of my mac to Get some stickers on there!
T-shirt would be sweet too.
If i'm not too

Much love.
Jonny (UK)

your avatar confirms it. :)
Dj Delirious 12:30 PM - 5 February, 2016
haha i wrote this thread back in 2006

Yea man its still going strong lol