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you guys need more tracks

chirpflare2 1:03 AM - 28 December, 2006
Talrinys 1:35 AM - 28 December, 2006
That's the whole point of a record pool, this will build up over time.
Rather, gimme a way to sort by artist, label, and a BPM search.
Matt G 3:45 AM - 28 December, 2006
Talrinys, you can use the search boxes to search for artists, labels, and BPMs. Later we'll be adding more advanced filtering, but for now the search boxes let you find most things.
Talrinys 3:48 AM - 28 December, 2006
Alright, that works nicely :)
Don't know why i didn't discover that, quite like it, very fast, and also a nice way of showing it, pops up quickly :) One thing's for sure, Key Lock + This = flying to England to purchase this ASAP.
Sam 4:04 AM - 28 December, 2006
why don't you buy it in Denmark?
Talrinys 4:19 AM - 28 December, 2006
Cause i'll probably get the TTM-57, and the markup from the retailers here is absolutely crazy, that doesn't go for the software only, but i mean, compare it to US, 500$ vs 1000$, it's crazy.
Rather just go to Westenddj in London as usual :)
chirpflare2 10:17 AM - 30 December, 2006
where are the new tracks?
dj disturbed 11:05 AM - 30 December, 2006
where are the new tracks?

it takes time to get the lables on board.. and its up to them to put new tracks up. Plus the official start of it not for anouther few days (first of the year from what they said in the first sticky thread i read about this)
Dj Optimus Prime 6:14 AM - 3 January, 2007
i used to be involved with a very large record pool , i was incharge of putting records in each dj's mail box they
would come once a week to collect their wax, and pay thier dues i know it can take along time to get some labels to cooperate!!!!