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The Bridge

Thebasementwonder 9:03 PM - 25 April, 2010
Whats the word on THE BRIDGE when will it be available?
Sean.C 9:02 PM - 26 April, 2010
hello Thebasementwonder

Thanks for your question.

At this point these is no firm release date so it's time for me to pull out the standard Serato answer to such questions, which (as you may or may not know) is "it will be released when its ready" :)

Be assured though that behind the scenes we are all beavering away like crazy little Kiwis to make The Bridge rock solid, knock em dead, killer etc....


Thebasementwonder 11:32 PM - 26 April, 2010
Thanks bro
credentia1 4:28 AM - 19 May, 2010
any furthur progress on the bridge?
Sean.C 8:34 PM - 19 May, 2010
see above

You will all know when its ready, don't worry!

DTHUSTLA 3:23 PM - 1 August, 2010
Whats the werd on this?