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Auto TUNE Mic Effect

dcinfamous 8:26 PM - 10 April, 2010
Im so in love with my ttm 57sl. Just wondering if there were any mic effects? like and echo or even an auto tune? If so how do i get them to work?
O.B.1 9:52 PM - 10 April, 2010
Any of the internal effects can be applied to the mic by selecting the aux channel in group 6. (B3 button)

-I don't think Serato or Rane have any plans to implement the "autotune" effect though...
dcinfamous 4:06 PM - 11 April, 2010
i think it'd be crazy if they did...
O.B.1 6:53 PM - 11 April, 2010
never gonna happen, maybe in the BRIDGE though...