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My SL1 was stolen

Caliber 2:06 AM - 23 February, 2010
I was playing at the club this past saturday and my sl1 was stolen out my bag, its kind of weird because the thief took it out my dj bag and left everything else. I didn't notice until I reached home.

The club has it own sl1 but I always walk with mine just in case. I asked the other dj that I was playing with if anyone else was in the booth, he said a couple of his friends and there friends.

Mehn I don't know what to do, Im going to loose my mind. I don't have the fun to buy another one at the time and all I have is my audio 8 dj :( and I dont like using traktor.

Doesn't any one out there have love for a dj's equipment. Im so crippled right now.
Turn Table Tennis 2:29 AM - 23 February, 2010
dj's don't have respect for the booth and consequently that means other dj's gear. used to be that a dj booth was a safe haven for expensive gear in a club environment. now i have to walk around with my bag on me if there's another dj lined up. who lets their friends in the booth?
BERTO 4:29 AM - 23 February, 2010
seriously hunt his friends down get ur shit back, make the club owner or manager reimburse u for it
sacrilicious 4:33 AM - 23 February, 2010
You DJ so bad...

No, sorry man.
Discobee 4:51 AM - 23 February, 2010
Ultimately you're responsible for your own gear. Just because it's in the booth doesn't mean it's safe, especially if there are other DJ's and their friends around. Unless there's evidence that one of those visitors to the booth had stolen it, you're kinda outta luck bro. I doubt the club owner or manager will reimburse you on that, either.
Henry GQ 4:57 AM - 23 February, 2010
see if they have cameras, most clubs do..

sorry to hear.
Caliber 12:41 PM - 23 February, 2010
im not getting reimburse and there are only cameras at the bar. I gotta make sacrifice and get another one, maybe i can get one of ebay for a good price.
DJ Jonasty 1:16 PM - 23 February, 2010
I wish I still had my audio 8. Sorry to hear about your SL1 bro.
The Return of Dj Sparky 1:37 PM - 23 February, 2010
tough bro, I hope you find the cunt and give him a good old fashioned beat down
djchriscruz 1:56 PM - 23 February, 2010
Damn that sucks. Just resell your audio 8 and buy another SL1
Maskrider 2:41 PM - 23 February, 2010
I would tell the owner o the club about it cause it may happen to anyone.....Sorry to hear that though.
2Cuchi 2:45 PM - 23 February, 2010
u need lojack
Turn Table Tennis 3:53 PM - 23 February, 2010
Caliber 12:16 AM - 24 February, 2010
no one wants to buy an audio 8, everyone thinks traktor is crap
Maskrider 12:23 AM - 24 February, 2010
There is still a lot of people that are denying the fact that SL is No.1 with reliability and customer assistance.
DouggyFresh 1:14 AM - 24 February, 2010
Totally understandable, last weekend we had someone working with the promoters pack up one of our wireless mic's and reciever... nobody knows what happened to it.
Caliber 3:15 PM - 12 March, 2010
woohoo just got another sl 1 would of like a an sl3 but someone owed me money so I took there sl1
Turn Table Tennis 4:24 PM - 12 March, 2010
good job.
Caramac 4:30 PM - 12 March, 2010
Sorry to hear. Its an unfortunately expenisve lesson.
Wazo 5:08 PM - 12 March, 2010
i heard Rane will give you a new one for free if yours is stolen.
Caliber 6:12 PM - 12 March, 2010
i heard Rane will give you a new one for free if yours is stolen.

I would have to see it to believe it
lofty 6:29 PM - 12 March, 2010
i heard Rane will give you a new one for free if yours is stolen.

I would have to see it to believe it

Rane DOES give you a FREE sticker with your SL1, that's pretty nice of them......

seriously that sucks about your SL1..
djdalite 7:13 PM - 12 March, 2010
tell Rane to keep an eye on anyone registering your serial #, if you have any idea wat it is
Nicky Blunt 8:06 PM - 12 March, 2010
serial number is printed on the packaging it came in, or used to be, so if you still have that ak rane/serato to keep an eye out for it!
djransom 9:39 PM - 12 March, 2010
Sorry to hear that, but you can order another one from and make payments on it for 3 months.
2Cuchi 12:46 AM - 13 March, 2010
yooo he did it
DJ'Que 1:29 AM - 13 March, 2010
@ Caliber dude the other dj stole it. nobody else goes in other people bags like that. thats in a dj booth you should took his. the dead give away was his friends and friends of his friend. that way you think his friend friends took it and dont blame him. only other dj's steal dj equipment 99% of the time unless its a laptop bag and they see it. but random people dont know what a sl1 box is. they would of took the laptop b4 they took the sl1. trust me i know.first hand.
Caliber 2:44 AM - 13 March, 2010
i feel wa u saying but i can't accuse anyone with no proof
Turn Table Tennis 3:02 AM - 13 March, 2010
ask for pictures of the serial number... if it's not there, at least you'll know it's fishy.
DJ'Que 3:34 AM - 13 March, 2010
i feel wa u saying but i can't accuse anyone with no proof
true but how many time's have you seen someone say someone stole my box and left my laptop.???? I go accuse him and his friend and do what I can to get it back. I know hardcore theive's and they would be in the dj booth and if they see a laptop its gone. they see a sl1 or 3 its staying. only other dj's steal stuff they know what it is. thats not hard to figure out. he gave you to many excuses in the first place.I would of just said man i wasnt even looking at who was coming in they kept asking me to play this or that.but he has it or his the serial # is not go be on their still.he's not stupid at all. hell he might even paint it.