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Relative markers

GirlTakesShower 8:39 AM - 17 July, 2004
Hi. I'm loving SSL! I think I've clocked up 100 hours on it in the last 2 weeks, flawless.
Would it be possible to make relative markers? By that I mean markers that exist in two songs? you know when you do one of those mixes that's like 16 or 32 bars, and the new tracks comes in at just the right place, and the old track goes out at just the right place... i guess there are people out there who always do their mixes like that, but I sometimes miss my drop point so I'm like a bar or two out. it would be cool if you could make a pair of markers for a particular mix that helped you to know when to drop the mix.
GirlTakesShower 8:44 AM - 17 July, 2004
Oh, I guess I should add that the second track doesn't necessarily start from the beginning, so the marker in this track is where to play from. Drop it so the two markers are at the same point...