Serato Software Feature Suggestions

What features would you like to see in Serato software?

Interface Suggestions

G-man NYC 8:42 PM - 16 July, 2004
1. Make the grab scroll bar things bigger than that tiny circle it is's hard to select quickly. Also, I dim my monitor quite low when i'm playing so it's really hard to see the grey circle scroll button against the grey background. Making it white or orange would solve this.

2. Be able to command or shift select multiple genres ( like iTunes ). I have a 'hip hop' genre and a 'hip hop - old school' genre which sometimes I like to view seperately and sometimes together.

3. Add a clock to the full screen mode. I got used to having the clock in front of me with the non full screen mode which was fine except for the OS X Dock would always get in the way. Not a major thing but it's good to know what time it is when you're spinning... cell phones don't work in a lot of clubs and I hate watches.

4. Have a 'clear' or 'reset' function where all the browse selections go back to the 'all' position. e.g. Say you were browsing for a file like this:

iTunes library > hip hop > 98 bpm > tribe called quest > album name >song name

You're now in 4 levels deep which means to pick you're next song in the 'hip hop' genre (unless you want 98bpm again) you have to scroll in each of the fields back up to the 'all' position which takes time and a lot of mouse usage.

-- hope this makes some sort of sense. thanks.
feniks 9:08 PM - 16 July, 2004
cell phones don't work in a lot of clubs and I hate watches

your cellphone's clock function should still work depsite not getting a signal...
tehfoiler 9:38 PM - 16 July, 2004
Feniks, mine does not. I have Sprint PCS and when it switches to roaming, the clock does not.
G-man NYC 11:11 PM - 16 July, 2004
i have sprint as well so no clock
nik39 2:38 AM - 17 July, 2004
1. I agree, I also find the colors of nearly the whole buttons/windows/GUI in general not very "distinguishable". You have to consider that DJs are using it in club environment, means there is only a little light, plus you got laser lights and all stuff of lights and colors interferring. Also nearly all notebook displays have the problem that the colors loose their brightness and contrast if the angle from which you look at the display changes a bit.

2.+4. Good idea.
feniks 3:04 PM - 19 July, 2004
i didn't relize that Sprint's clock is linked to their digital i guess that means the clock always sets itself.