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How Does the AC toggle 100-240v Work?

benfresh 10:37 PM - 4 January, 2010
I never really looked at my AC cords for any music equipment or computer stuff and have never fried anything but I am wondering..

How does the AC switch in the 56 work? It says you can tour with it and as long as you have the correct ac for the country and the mixer will just know.. Meaning the 56 will automatically switch to the right voltage (120 to 240). To get a little geeky.. how does this work? Whats going on inside the box?

Also I am wondering if you were to plug say a 300v cord into a mixer that has the 100 - 240 ac, will the mixer remain in a safe state aka Will it just use the voltage neccessary from the ac cable and not fry itself?

dj synystr 8:14 PM - 5 January, 2010
240v is like london, uk etc america is 100-120v standard.
CAW 7:55 PM - 6 January, 2010
This Wikipedia article briefly discusses input range handling: However, I didn't see something that specifically mentions how they determine the input range and auto-switch. It just describes what the switch does:

If an input range switch is used, the rectifier stage is usually configured to operate as a voltage doubler when operating on the low voltage (~120 V AC) range and as a straight rectifier when operating on the high voltage (~240 V AC) range.

It also mentions that most switching mode power supplies can actually accept a much greater range of input voltages. But I wouldn't go trying to hook your equipment up directly to a 480 circuit...
benfresh 6:25 PM - 7 January, 2010
Caw.. thanks for your input

That article you found was exactly what i looking for