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Remixing Software

DJ Bushido 4:43 PM - 24 November, 2009
I was looking into Remixing some Tracks.
I wanted to know what Software some of the DJ's Here use.
I was looking into Reason 4
I have a Mac G4
Duo Core PC
Midi Keyboard
BOSS DR-670 by Roland
KRK Rokit Powered 8 w/12 sub

I was Just Watching the Jazzy Jeff Video on Ableton It look real good.

Thanks for your input.
Dj-M.Bezzle 4:45 PM - 24 November, 2009
get ableton
SuckaDJ 4:47 PM - 24 November, 2009
There was a really good post about this not too long ago, type in "remixing software" in the search to the top right and you should be able to find that post.
DJ Bushido 4:58 PM - 24 November, 2009
Thanks, Admin can Delete this post, Sorry about the duplicate posting
terrible1fi 4:58 PM - 24 November, 2009
reason 4 is good. so is ableton.
each software has its pros and cons, for instance in ableton you can work with audio, reason you can't(at least not in an audio channel, you have to use a sampler)

I suggest you try the demos and decide for yourself
DJ Bushido 6:25 PM - 24 November, 2009
I was thinkin, of working on Both, Less Ableton can also create Beats, and syth, some really cool effects to a sound and bass. But will try both Demo's and see where I will be. I want to Create My Remixes of Song, and make many types of Styles from, Hip Hop, Trance, House, Drum and Bass. Just want to add some flare, to songs I want o play that no one has done yet.

Is this the software i will be needing then?
terrible1fi 6:32 PM - 24 November, 2009
each has the abilty to create drums, synths, effects, etc and in any genre/style
check out the demo's, or even youtube reviews of each
DJ Bushido 7:32 PM - 29 November, 2009
Well, I have my Studio
Just Picked up
PowerPC Mac G5 Duo 2.0 2.5Gig 150Gig main 500Gig Media Ram nVidia 6600
Not yet max out I am Using it Now ;-)
Need More Monitors
Vista Ultimate Tower 2.5Gig 3Gig RAM 500Gig
3 - 1Tb Drive External Black Friday's Fry's Electronics
Mackie Mixer
Casio Midi Keyboard I might have to replace, due to the fact I can't get it to work :-(
Might Get the M-Audio Axiom 61 61-Key USB MIDI Controller
I Just want to know if it works with Abelton, Reason, and Pro Tools, I just got LE 8.
I just been working so hard, and saving. and just looking for deals.
Just wanted to get back into it.
I used to just use Acid Music, and FL. But want to really get into it the right way. any help would be great. thanks everyone for your post. looking forward to reading them

David aka
DJ X Aviator
Las Vegas