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Newbie Beat Match w/ No Train Wreck

DJ Bushido 6:21 PM - 23 November, 2009
First Off Wasup Everybody
I am going to teach Mixing Simple Fi, This is for Newbies that need help Beat Matching & Avoiding Train Wrecks. This is a Good Review. Goldin Rule, Never Mix with Both Songs on Verse. This is called the Train Wreck, Does this Happen, To most of us, Sometimes. But When Learning to Beat Matching(Use Instrumental). Learn to mix songs in the same BPM Rang. Then here comes the hard part, Mixing to avoid the Train Wreck (Always Use 2 of the Same Songs with Lyrics to practice).

To Simple Fi (If You are Using Intro)
Find a Vinyl you Like with a Simple Beat.
Deck 1 Bring it Back to the Oldschool
Same Record
Deck 2 Bring it Back to the Oldschool
Every Song, Has 3 Parts
Intro - 32B (Beats)
Main - Filled with Chorus - Verse
Outro - 32B
Within that it has 2 parts
Verse - 32B
Chorus -16B
Note: Some have them in reverse Beats per part, or both at 32B

So to Avoid, Your Train Wrecks, Keep this in mind
Always mix songs you know have the same Beat. (Hip Hop is trickier but not impossible) the Key is Timing.

If you keep it simple start with the Basic's You will do just fine.
When I Mix Hip Hop, I try looping the Intro of the Next Song right before the Chorus or Verse, Then Cut the Bass from the Song Playing then when the Chorus or Verse is Done then Let the Mix go on the intro loop go. Pan over with either Effect, or just feather to fade out.

I hope this simple Newbie Mixing helps.
I created this New Thread, to just to Simple Fi the Process.
Please add if necessary. ( ^_^)

Hope this Works
DJ X Aviator
Las Vegas
CMOS 6:48 PM - 23 November, 2009

So to Avoid, Your Train Wrecks, Keep this in mind
Always mix songs you know have the same Beat.

Ahhh OK. Just stick to reggaeton. Gotcha!
Certified Quality Entertainment 7:23 PM - 23 November, 2009
DJ Bushido 8:54 PM - 23 November, 2009
lol, yeah.
DJ Bushido 8:55 PM - 23 November, 2009
djpuma_gemini 10:23 PM - 23 November, 2009
DJ Bushido 4:32 PM - 24 November, 2009
Sorry, I don't Speak Spanish,
If you don't know then God Help you. lmfao
SuckaDJ 4:37 PM - 24 November, 2009
^^^ O_O

djpuma_gemini 4:50 PM - 24 November, 2009
I was asking if you were speaking or typing in English.
DJ Bushido 4:56 PM - 24 November, 2009
as far as I know, all the Words Above with the Exception of Engrish was in Known English. But if there is something, missed spelled, I blame my Spell Checker, Grammar on my Teacher, and My Mom, for Dragging me to that school for many years. But other then that, let me know.

Thanks ;)
Discobee 10:28 AM - 25 November, 2009
Simple Fi....

Did you mean "simplify"?
DJDeluchi 10:55 AM - 25 November, 2009
ok ill tell you a huge huge mega secret know the track your mixing :P it helps 1000 % and avoids train wrecks
Halfrikan 2:33 PM - 25 November, 2009
I was taught to mix the same records over and over when learning how to beach match... focusing more on the 4 count and the actual release of the record.

Mixing the same song got me very use to the speed i push the record.. and now its the same every time.
DJ Bushido 7:09 PM - 29 November, 2009
@ Halfrikan very cool,
@Discobee Yeah, kinda how I spell Kewl, still sounds the same. but it's all good ( >_<')