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can i use serato without buying the rane soundcard/hardware?

Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
slinksta 9:52 AM - 9 November, 2009
Product: scratchlive
Version: 1.9.2
Computer: mac

hi there, i'm wondering if it is possible to use serato without buying the rane soundcard/hardware?
I was hoping to use my audio outputs of my mac or my pioneer CDJ 400's to my DJ mixer.

I am happy just to use the cdj400's as controllers and run the audio output out of my mac into two channels on a dj mixer via my m-audio firewire 410, or focusrite usb 6.

is this possible? or do i have to buy the rane hardware?

Also serato is only showing me the left channel of its interface at the top and not the right channel.
It also has the flashing rane hardware disconnected sign.
Can i use a different audio hardware?
Konix 12:49 PM - 9 November, 2009
No, you must buy/have one of the Scratch Live interfaces (SL1, SL3, TTM57, MP4) to use the software.
Pete Moss 3:25 PM - 9 November, 2009
No, it is not possible. What you are seeing is the internal media player, not the left deck. If you were to plug in the interface, both decks would appear.
Chad S. 8:17 PM - 9 November, 2009
You need to purchase the hardware. The software and updates are all free.
1:15 AM, 2 Aug 2010
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