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Will Serato work with Windows 7?

Scratch Live
Rane TTM 57SL
DJcincy 2:45 PM - 20 October, 2009
Product: scratchlive
Version: 1.9.1
Hardware: rane-ttm57sl
Computer: pc
OS Version: vistasp1

I have not been overly impressed with the way Scratch live works on Vista. However I have heard good things about windows 7. Has there been any research into the functunality with the new OS software coming out?
Chad S. 4:19 PM - 20 October, 2009
Currently Windows 7 isn't supported. We are working with what they have released but until they release a full version, its kind of like hitting a moving target.

Making software ourselves, we know things often change in the last 24 hours. Our goal is to be able to offer full support within the week of its release.

If they change a bunch of things, it might take longer but we feel good about what we have seen so far.
1:14 AM, 2 Aug 2010
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