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Not switching to internal mode at end of track?

Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
kevin 5:07 PM - 10 July, 2004

I could have sworn my system used to switch to internal mode when it got to the end of the control vinyl, but now my system is not switching to internal mode and the needle starts hitting the label in the center of the record and it makes nasty noises. Does it matter which side of the control vinyl I use? Is this feature supposed to work in both absolute and relative mode? Thanks...

Fujitsu Lifebook C Series Laptop
512 MB RAM, P4 2.4GHz
Win XP Home
kevin 1:48 AM - 11 July, 2004
Could old needles cause my problem? When I calibrate it I can't get the circles to be as round as they are in the manual.
nik39 1:42 PM - 11 July, 2004
It could be various things, its very important that the primary signal path is clean and good, which means, make sure the needles are clean and not worn out, make sure the RCA cables from your turntable are good and the connection is good, make sure needle weight is not too high and not too low, make sure the turntable is grounded properly... etc.
Sam 10:23 PM - 11 July, 2004
Hi Kevin. Scratch LIVE will only switch to internal mode at the end of the reccord if you are in absolute mode.