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Does Torque Really Matter?

CMOS 6:59 PM - 25 July, 2006
I am getting new decks next month. These will be my first pair of good decks being ive outgrown my Stanton STR8-60's in 6 months. They were great to learn on but i need a better tables. My girl bought them for me for xmas and she didnt know any better.

I see all these OEM tables with 9 billion grams of torque in them and whatnot.

Im not trying to start a Technics Vs. Everything else debate being im 100% sure im buying techs because i want to play on whats already in the clubs.

Does the extra torque make any kind of difference? If so how?

They say these new tables startup .03 seconds faster than techs, is this even noticable to the human ear?

Im not asking which tables are better, once again im not asking which tables are better.

I want to know what difference the torque makes and what a person would gain in having more torque.

Everything i read says that "if you scratch you need this Torque", but yet the DMC's use techs and ive heard some great scratching done there.

I know it makes a difference in low quality tables, my str8-60's suck balls, but once you get up to or past the amount of torque that techs use, does it really make a difference.

Thanks for the replies

a-swift 7:03 PM - 25 July, 2006
personally, i think more torque is better for scratching. for generally djing though, too much torque is a nightmare, especially if you are a "platter touching" beatmatcher. ever tried to slow down a high torque turntable to get your record on beat? impossible.

techs have a good amount of torque, but you can also beatmatch with them well. all the "scratch" turntables have more torque than techs.
CMOS 7:14 PM - 25 July, 2006
But doesnt the fact that the DMC's use techs mean they are fine for scratching? Will a person gain that much advantage over someone using techs in scratching is what i want to know.
a-swift 7:48 PM - 25 July, 2006
i know a lot of scratch djs that have techs and i've never heard one of em say, "damn i wish my decks had more torque". so i would say techs are fine.
DJ_Mike_Coquilla 7:50 PM - 25 July, 2006
i thought the title was referring tha M-audio prog
a-swift 7:53 PM - 25 July, 2006
i thought the title was referring tha M-audio prog

you got jokes man.
Dj KaGeN 8:02 PM - 25 July, 2006
I too was on STR8-50 and STR8-60 as my first set of decks.. Learning to beatmatch on a belt vs direct drive. Ya really tough to start off on. I'd be willing to be you have a VERY LIGHT TOUCH - and the next set of decks for you are going to be really solid feeling. I also graduated to STR8-150's and still have 3 to this day. I have all my tech dj's pals come over and tell me how fast he pitch reatcs to the platter.. I love it - very fast when feathering long mixes... Then when I went for techs I found myself pushing the vinyl more to compensate since the pitch control was draggy by comparison....

Bottomline -- I can probably spin on any deck - I've been on shitty to techs to better specs... You next decks if you wanna be up in clubs - ya go for techs get used to them... Would you suck if you went for TTx's and then got a gig on techs, probably take you a couple mixes to get your feel adn you'd be fine... Remember you conquered the worst - the rest are just pieces of cake now..
CMOS 9:28 PM - 25 July, 2006
Light touch? ima change my name to dj feather fingers.

When i played on my boys techs i couldnt get myself to pull the record back hard enough to reach the beginning of the sample or beat.
Dj KaGeN 9:55 PM - 25 July, 2006
lol - ya see you have a light touch to keep from stalling out the STR8 platters..
punosion 9:56 PM - 25 July, 2006
Look at the 45 kings' Breakbeat for Dummies video...light touch mastah.
CMOS 12:30 AM - 26 July, 2006
The funniest thing yo, when i first got them i thought they were broken cuz i didnt know any better. I was like something is wrong here. I thought all direct drives were the same.

Im gonna have to train myself to stop pushing the platter after i pull it back and just let it go. When i was fuckin around with the techs i couldnt drop on the beat too well because im so used to giving a little push after i pull back.

Even scratching on the techs threw me off cuz i hadda just let go to get it at full speed.

One more month till techs, im psyched.

Cheapest i seen em new is $399 anyone seen cheaper?
NOMOLOS JD 1:07 AM - 26 July, 2006
If money is the issue, just go for used 1200's
Likwid 2:39 AM - 26 July, 2006
I switched from Techs (less torque) to TTXs (more torque) and personally I love the TTXs motor. The Techs were fine when I had em, but the move to the TTXs was a good one because less of a push is required. And about it being impossible slowing down a high-torque platter, I dont agree with that; its just as easy to get the realtime corrections down on a high torque platter as it is on a lower-torque platter.
DJ d.range 2:59 AM - 26 July, 2006
from what i understand the DMC's use tech's cause they are the industry standard,so it kinda puts everyone on a fair playing field.
i own tech 12's m5g & luv em & bought them after screwing around with a few different types
DJ Nick Lee 3:22 AM - 26 July, 2006
CMOS, if you are looking for an industry standard, go for the 1200's. I have a pair of m3d's and a pair of TTX's and I actuallly prefer the TTX because of the features (no ground wire, phono and line output, pitch correction, up to 50% pitch adjustment, the overall density, re-configurable pitch slider, and dual start/ stop buttons) but the Tech's are most likely what you are always going to encounter in the clubs. In all actuallity, the TTX's do start of faster but so what, it really does not make any difference in anything that I do. If I had to buy another set of tables it would be the Numarks because I'm so used to the creature comforts they have to offer, but I'll never get rid of my 12's.
DJ Nevoc 3:34 AM - 26 July, 2006
I have TTXs and back to what swift was saying earlier about going from TTXs to Techs in the club... deffinatly takes a few songs to get used to. I personnaly think there is a huge difference between Techs and TTX, I think the TTX actually takes a much lighter touch than the Techs.

I found myself tieing a rope around the Tech platter to get it to slow down and pushing it with a dump truck to get it to go forward.

Where as the TTX I barely touch the platter.

However I do like the Digital out on the TTX and the swap style setup. Ithink I would like the TTX if it would have come like the CDJ with a display that reads 8.55% not 8.5% My CDJs are much more acurate than the TTXs....

Man everything has its Pros and Cons. I say try everything and go with what works best for you. I can tell you all day Techs are better or worse but you'll play on them not me. I recommend you go to the local guitar center and try ever setup you can. If the managment gets on you, ask them if they really want this sale, then call pro sound and get them to beat the price by 110% Talk to Melinda @ ext 8125
wakka 5:30 AM - 26 July, 2006
Scratching and turntablism has more to do with tone arm, tonearm base, cartridge, height of platter, etc. Torque is more of a push/pull preference.

Less torque is obviously easier to manipulate when pulling the record in reverse but more torque provides less time for the record to get up to speed.

Turntable companies can boast about who has the strongest torque motor. But the difference is in milleseconds. There is hardly any difference between the top decks of Stanton and Numark.
wakka 5:30 AM - 26 July, 2006
i thought the title was referring tha M-audio prog

You're the funniest guy in the forum, Mike. haha