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Issue with plugin window size in Bitwig 3

Sofine 12:49 PM - 7 December, 2019
The Serato Sample plugin does not fit the window correctly, making it harder to work with. It's fine in Ableton. On Win10.

See here:
Sofine 5:40 PM - 7 December, 2019
Just top add that it works fine on my Mac, so just seems to be an issue on Win10
Pavol Markovič 6:29 PM - 7 December, 2019
Hi Sofine,

Thank you for reporting this back to us.

It might be related to scaling factor set in your Windows Display settings similar to problem in FL Studio:

Setting the display scaling to 100% could fix the incorrect window size.
Sofine 8:17 PM - 7 December, 2019
Hi Pavol, thanks for the support (on a Saturday!)

I am so impressed with this software (just bought it today) - I get the feeling that it was developed by actual producers - great workflow, features and lovely sound.

Sp, back to the issue at hand. It seems, at least on my system, that the plugin only fits the window correctly when I set scaling to 100%. None of my (many) other plugins have an issue with scaling so maybe it's something that the devs could add to the list if it is to get any further attention in the future?


Pavol Markovič 9:20 PM - 7 December, 2019
Thank you for your feedback, Simon! Much appreciated.

While Bitwig is currently not officially supported audio host for Sample, we want to provide great user experience for all our customers. The Hi-DPI scaling compatibility with Windows is something we want to improve.
Yoda1 10:45 PM - 27 December, 2019
Hi everyone,

I have this problem as well, 4k display on a Lenovo Thinkpad running Win 10 Pro and Bitwig 3.0.3. Sample seems to not report it's size correctly, changing the High-DPI-Sensitivity in Bitwig doesn't change anything.
Yoda1 10:54 PM - 27 December, 2019
Reverting back to Sample Version 1.1.0 did solve the problem, this version scales correctly. Obviously some changes in the software in v1.1.1 are causing the problem. Maybe you tried to make the plugin "Retina-ready"?. If so, it doesn't work in Bitwig, as the OP stated.
KC1 9:41 PM - 5 January, 2020
I also have the same problem in both MPC Software and in FL Studio.
KC1 9:42 PM - 5 January, 2020
.. again using 4k display
Yoda1 10:04 PM - 5 January, 2020
Did you try reverting back to 1.1.0?
Yoda1 10:24 PM - 4 February, 2020
Great update guys. v1.2.0 works fine again! Thanks so much!
Pavol Markovič 5:55 AM - 8 February, 2020
Thanks Yoda1 for the fix confirmation.
We are aware that the problem still persists in FL Studio (unfortunately) and are investigating the cause.

Best regards,