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Disable Cue Point Marker from going back to 12 o Clock

DJ Marv the Maverick 2:30 PM - 29 August, 2019
Hi Serato,

I will like to request an option to disable cue points marker from going back to 12 o clock on the virtual decks and controllers with cue point led indicator eg the SRT, MCX8000, 808, SX etc

This has been bugging me for a while and making beat juggling hard on controllers/cdjs/prime5000

Not sure if this has already been requested.

It could be 3 options in the settings

1. default as it is currently
2. disable it completely i.e only first hot cue is at 12 o clock when track is loaded.
3. Cue indicator at 12 o clock if triggered by hot cue pads. (eg if i want to do a routine with the 4th or 5th cue, then it should go to 12 o clock when i tap the 4th or 5th hotcue button)

The guy mentions it as well
Djkom 7:56 AM - 31 August, 2019
funkyfresh2012 5:08 AM - 1 September, 2019
DJ Marv the Maverick 12:30 PM - 1 September, 2019
Here is a link
DJ Marv the Maverick 4:41 PM - 2 September, 2019
Rekordbox with the DDJ1000 behaves as it should.

Please serato an option to disable cues points marker jumping to 12oclock