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The Synergy Array Series By Yorkville Sound

pdidy 6:05 PM - 17 March, 2019
pdidy 6:10 PM - 17 March, 2019
dj_soo 8:15 PM - 17 March, 2019
didn't realize they were licensing danely tech for these. I remember seeing something about this a few month ago - curious to see how these will sound.
577er 3:20 AM - 18 March, 2019
Intresting. It looks like ground stacking these directly on the floor will have the tops way too low. They should make a spacer to get the tops up to where the double stacked height is. I’d also love to see side feet on the sub and poll cups. I’m sure they are trying to avoid liability issues with non locking intergration but a parasource top mounted on this would be a very cool system.
Brian M 4:16 PM - 19 March, 2019
I was able to demo these recently.
Things I liked:
Fit and Finish is top tier.
Rigging system is well thought out, get the carts if they are not included?
Aesthetically these look great.
Height is a little low but not horrible. The middle of the horn is about ear level. (I'm 6ft)
Great sounding Bass.

Things I disliked:
Narrow horizontal throw unless you turn the tops sideways or buy more systems to expand the sound field. Not a deal breaker but buyer should understand the throw characteristics.
Highs sounded canned, unnatural.

Overall: They sound pretty good. Not much of an upgrade from a typical double 18 and 15inch top cabinet. As a current Danley owner these are not even close to having that Danley. For the price you might as will get the real deal. My OPN only, please listen for yourself.