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BPM Supreme

damianb 1:46 AM - 8 March, 2019
I DJ'd many years ago on vinyl... now back into as a hobbiest. Have my 12's and Serato set-up. Now I need music.

ANY help on the kind of record pools that work best on Serato would be enormously helpful. BPM Supreme was something I came across but not sure if that works on Serato.

Do the record pools act like Apple Music or Spotify... BUT allow you to use the downloads on Serato (unlike apple/spotify)?
DJ Unique 2:33 AM - 8 March, 2019
Most music pools will let you download MP3 files which you can use in Serato.
BPM will work
damianb 3:03 PM - 8 March, 2019
Thank you very much. Appreciate the response. It's what I figured but didn't want to spend the money until I knew for sure.