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Midi Clock Sync Master

AlexFischer 9:13 AM - 28 December, 2018
I have no idea why SERATO is struggling so hard with this feature.
Following the over-years-ongoing discussions, I see that there's a different strategy than to implement this.
We are Talking About the market leader of DJ Software; why it is so hard to implement such a feature, making the life much more easier for all your customers.
Just do me a favor and tell why will NOT implement Midi Clock sync Features. This is something every cutomer - no matter how big the Event might be - will Benefit of.

So again: do me a favor and correct my Picture of non-understanding this oppinion. Or - much more better: let your community know when you will finally implement it.

Thanks in Advance.

Alex Fischer
Sand 3:18 PM - 31 December, 2018
Please just give us a midi clock!!!!
AlexFischer 3:28 PM - 31 December, 2018
Just to emphasize the motivation behind: being able to sync light Equipment.
If you see a Problem regarding people should use other products out of your Portfolio instead, just be smartass enough to reduce the feature for this usage or add this feature as an addon where customers have to pay for. Using Ableton as a bridge is not an Option for this type of usage.
Do use a favor.

Happy new year.

Mr. Rock 7:58 PM - 2 January, 2019
I'd like to add my support for MMC and MIDI Clock. Not looking for anything other than Start, Stop, Continue, and clock. Being able to integrate drum machines / sequencers / and MIDI Synced effects would be a *huge* win for the Serato platform. Via standard USB MIDI interface would be easiest, but even a dedicated 'Serato approved' box would be welcome.
Xbudz 9:51 PM - 3 January, 2019
I'm also looking for midi clock output for Serato. It would help me link up to my external drum machine and make life so much easier.

I'm at the point not where I'm questioning why I don't just use Virtual DJ which has this feature already. C'mon Serato, you're supposed to be the leading software. You should be leading on these features as well.
AKIEM 5:48 AM - 14 January, 2019
doubt it happens (after decade and a half of requesting) because Link
MikeRogram 7:31 PM - 10 February, 2019
Ok, so I tried the Ableton Link feature.. and it’s not very good. It’s definitely not “synced”. It’s close but not quite there. I’m trying to integrate my NI Maschine into my live set. I don’t really like Traktor, and I own a Roland DJ808. I am able to send clock info via the DJ808’s TRS drum machine, but again the synch is sloppy. As DJing is already a “produce on the fly” endeavor, I am very sad to see Serato not having the ability to send MIDI clock and transport control data. This seems like a no brainer. I don’t want to go to Traktor, but moving forward if their controllers get a better build quality it might be a consideration I am going to have to make when I take into account what a huge oversight Serato is making by not including this feature.

If it’s been a request from many years ago, and Serato has a partnership with Roland, who obviously have the know-how, I don’t see what the problem is.