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Serato Stem

specialblend 12:19 AM - 15 December, 2018
...You read it here first...

Serato Stem
By Geoffrey Ford (@SBtheDJ)
A new DAW platform designed by the DJ for the DJ. Streamline and standardize recording DJ music.
Serato Stem incorporates Serato DJ and Serato Sample, and Pitch N Time technology and combines it with multitrack recording. Additional plug-ins for other DAW compatibility will be available. Users will be able to manipulate audio via controllers and also record and playback all fader and knob movements with ability to quantize. Users will have to ability to stretch audio and maintain original pitch and tempo with precision.
Why Serato?
For approximately 15 years, Serato has been the missing link between traditional analog DJing with two turntables and a mixer. It has developed technology that is very user friendly for the novice and the experienced DJ alike. Recording DJ sets, DJ music, and routines have always been a challenge because of going back and forth between different DAW software and not having easy access to DJ parameters or to record a DJ idea. over the years, Serato has created a brand, a culture, and a product that has become iconic and an industry standard. IT is also the building blocks for what makes Serato so special and unique. Now all the recording and playback can be done in one place with the ability to edit fine detail including frequency sweeps, cue points, EQ moves, and fader movements. Serato Stem will take all of the difficulties of recording DJ music out of the equation so the artist spends more time to creating and less time troubleshooting. It just works the way it supposed to. Period.
Users can record record hand and fader movements in the software and play it back as recorded live or quantized. Movements can also be drawn in via mouse to simulate certain scratches (Crabs, Flares, Chirps, etc.) Movements can be recorded at the Stem level or on the Master Track Level. There will be indicators via highlighing to tell when the audio is moving forwards or backwards.
Auto TrackLoad
Users can specify a point in the timeline to load a specific stem or piece of Audio to a specific channel of a specific virtual controller taking the time of track switching out of a routine completely and streamlining a mix. Timecode generator can be output via USB or ethernet port. Inversely, timecode can be received the same way and have master/slave ability.
Virtual Equipment
Users can select the virtual equipment of choice and build a set as if they had the hardware at their fingertips. Change between a CDJ style setup, DJ controller, Rane Twelves, or a classic vinyl setup. Stems can be assigned to channels on that controller and be manipulated as such.
Mixtape Style Recording
Users can import audio files into a session and select individual tracks (Stems) to manipulate across the duration of the session. Slip mode and resume functions can automatically return the audio to its position had the user not requested it. Crossfader and knob movement can be recorded and played back within the stem level or set to a master track mode.
Cue Points
Cue Point hits can be recorded in timeline and Played back in Free or Grid Mode. Cue points within Stems will have pages and be unlimited in number.
BPM Transitions can be set within the timeline and Stems can be grouped to change at the same rate. Sections can be selected to be changed while leaving others unchanged.
Player Piano Mode
Users can upload a playlist and Serato Stem will Automix between two channels on new controller with automated faders. (maybe)
Serato FX
Effects on Stem can be easily added and drawn in across the timeline and punched in/0ut in the software. Additionally, movements can be recorded live on hardware for the live performance minded individual. FX can be on the stem level or global effecting the entire session.
Serato Video
Video manipulation will also be available as a Stem using technology from users already running Serato Video and/or Resolume. Transitions and effects will be based on the user’s hardware and software limitations. Effects can be assigned to knobs and faders, drawn in, and punched in/out across the timeline.
Back to Back mode
Users have to ability to record with, playback, and switch between multiple virtual decks during the same session simulating a back to back DJ setup.
Samplers and VST instruments
Users can make their own stems on the fly and import samples via 16 pad sampler. Samplers can be midi assigned to your favorite controller or virtual controller. Create tracks using VST plug-ins or handpicked drums and add them to your timeline as you would in any other DAW.
Piano roll view
View your midi input in piano roll mode and control your session down to the pitch of that snare roll!
Record your Scratches!
Recording an 8 bar scratch intro has never been easier! Record digital Audio from an external source right into your session if your using vinyl, then manipulate it with control vinyl after your sounds are recorded into the software. Record vocals for a topline right on the spot! Then assign it to a virtual instrument to chop and tweak all you want. No need to bounce to Protools or an external DAW anymore! Just assign your input and press record!
Speed Control
Speed up or slow down your audio +/- 400% forwards and backwards with the abiility to view and edit in .0 increments
Manage HDMI Output
Choose between and manage Serato program view, camera input, and Serato Video FX
Stem Packs
Artists can create stem packs for newly or previously released tracks for DJ’s to manipulate and remix as they see fit. This gives producers, instrumentalists, and vocal artists new avenues to earn royalties seperately from the original released track.
Crate Computers
The Serato-Branded Computer Designed for the DJ by the DJ and built to run this bitch and then some.
Thin but not too thin.

Expandable memory.
USB 3.0 and USB-C. Bluetooth.
Audio in.
HDMI out.
DP out.
Bad ASS Audio and Video Cards Supercooled.
Fully customizable. Tough.
The Return of Dj Sparky 1:58 AM - 17 December, 2018
If true probably it's probably why they discontinued the bridge
Chino 4:42 AM - 17 December, 2018
This sounds too good to be true! I would definite support this product if it's real.

It would help to have supporting hardware. A remix groovebox controller. Think of a Pioneer DJS-1000 sampler with Serato Stem software built in...
YZ 3:22 PM - 17 December, 2018
If true probably it's probably why they discontinued the bridge

Nacho Ruiz 3:39 PM - 17 December, 2018
I can't wait for this β™‘
Gio Alex 4:35 PM - 17 December, 2018
If true probably it's probably why they discontinued the bridge

Gio Alex 4:40 PM - 17 December, 2018
Geoffrey, is this real, and are you allowed to talk about it if it is? Or is this something you want to pitch?
Djkom 6:16 PM - 17 December, 2018
The begining looks like an official anouncement, but this part


...The Serato-Branded Computer Designed for the DJ by the DJ and built to run this bitch and then some.
Thin but not too thin...


Djkom 6:16 PM - 17 December, 2018
Apptita ???
Gio Alex 6:41 PM - 17 December, 2018
Apptita ???

haha could be.

So this isn't the real Special Blend?
popnwave 6:53 PM - 17 December, 2018
This is some dude's twitter dream. Literally it's a brainstorm, nothing else.
The Return of Dj Sparky 8:05 PM - 17 December, 2018
Well if it were true it would explain what the development team have been at for years, if not it just confirms that the development team are brutal or no money is being spent on development as we have apps they haven't been updated in years, serato video, the remote can't even be ported to Android for their sale I hope it's true
The Return of Dj Sparky 8:06 PM - 17 December, 2018
** for their sake I hope it's true
Djkom 11:15 AM - 12 January, 2019
HK1200 3:57 PM - 12 January, 2019
Sounda ambitious. I mean, echo out has been broken for how long now? No chance they could pull all of that off and not have it turn into a complete dumpster fire.
Gio Alex 6:30 PM - 12 January, 2019


Interesting... is Craze making a switch?
Michael R 3:23 AM - 14 January, 2019
Someone has put a bit of time into this but I'm afraid to say this is not real.