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Chill 1 7:44 PM - 26 November, 2018
I just want to confirm the full buying price of sample right now, says 49.50 but when you try to buy it says 59.40 as they are taxing you on top, is this right?
Shouldn’t the full buying price be on display before you press buy now?
I find this quite deceiving
anna91 4:23 AM - 14 February, 2020
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Chill 1 6:05 AM - 14 February, 2020
??? Is this Spam ?? Why would a link to Hotmail have any relevance?
Serato, Moderator
Phil C 7:58 PM - 24 February, 2020
Hey Chill 1,

Sorry yes that was a spam bot with a fake link. Happens from time to time, I've blocked them now from the forum.

Regarding the price, different countries have different tax rules and we can't predict them all (and they change from time to time) so our prices are always presented before tax, and then regions add their tax on top of the price. We apologise if this is a little deceiving, but as we don't have a physical presence in your local market this is unfortunately the only way we can remain law-abiding.
Chill 1 1:59 AM - 25 February, 2020
Ok thanks and fair enough... cheers