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iTunes (predictions) - redirected from other forum

Happy Recycling 3:27 PM - 18 September, 2018
Does anyone care to discuss/predict their hunches as to whether iTunes will close/shutdown/stop downloads January-March 2019? To recap: the "news" says they are while other "news" reports some head honcho of Apple saying it's just a rumor.

Some things to consider...

Yes - probably stopping services:
iTunes is now allowing their subscribers to "listen" to all their songs if they subscribe that that service, or something like that; didn't both to click, because I want to avoid that.

yup, streaming seems to be more popular for digital DJ's says services like Digital DJ tips who shared this first "news" service.

No - probably not stopping...
It's still makes money, so why stop something good for the business?

I'ts been said before iTunes is stopping their download services by these same news services but they didn't on those dates listed.

I'm distressed. I've worked hard to build up a wish list and I'd be happy to fork over cash over this next year (it probably take that much) to complete it ... but with an earlier curfew I don't know what I ought to do with this issue.

DJ GaFFle 3:39 PM - 18 September, 2018
Seems like this means more business for record pools. I'm not streaming and would rather have my files local anyway. I'd never have my gigs rely on potentially sketchy Internet connectivity.
doop 3:58 PM - 18 September, 2018
Amazon has an MP3 download service. Why not give them your business instead?
Logisticalstyles 5:51 PM - 18 September, 2018
577er 6:32 PM - 18 September, 2018
No idea what’s happening but I can see Apple killing the iTunes we know. They killed the headphone jack and MagSafe let alone standard USB Ports so they have a strong track record of trying to “advance” technology - for profit rather than usability, excellence or user experience improvements. Personally I haven’t bought anything from them since google play came out.

Google Play is my go to for non music music pool or Bandcamp music. But you can tell it’s a forgotten backwater of google. The interface is janky, ironically the searching sucks! the purchase process involves a crazy number of clicks and pop up windows and then another window to download... No shopping cart, you have to buy and download everything song by song... as if the last 15 years of e-commerce was a foreign concept to the company. Just pathetic. But at least you get the songs you buy. I’ve had several instances of amazon’s online store downloading random songs not purchased.

DJs and non-streaming folks are in an ever shrinking minority of people who want to own their music and have it off line or in physical format. Which is fine with me because it will make DJs that much more valuable when people can’t even conceive of how to do what it is we do. 😝
popnwave 6:41 PM - 18 September, 2018
Man the same tired ass blogs keep talking about iTunes going away for over 3 years now.

So NO none of them provide legit sources, they literally link to each other and in circles.
DJ Nin 2:35 PM - 20 September, 2018
I could definitely see it happening.

Other than us and my 1 dinosauristic friend who refuses to use spotify or apple music, who is really paying money for music downloads anymore?
Happy Recycling 5:37 PM - 20 September, 2018
Streaming is not a good alternative, I haven't talked to those others who use controllers but I find it distasteful.

Streaming is one step even further to separate the DJ from the media; and it's a huge distance.

How can you even organize crates on such a system? Organizing a logical crate systems on serato is my key means to knowing what I am going to play.

If I would ever stream, wouldn't that mean the crates system is out the window because the media played isn't even mine? This goes for me and everyone who plays tunes.

So. no. I don't want to use google play or spotify or apple music, and don't even know how I am going to make the transition if I would be forced to by the conglomerates.

As for Amazon, I checked out Amazon's store a few months ago and selection is very low in comparison to beatport, junodownload, and iTunes which are the three which I favor the most I love to listen, play, and dance to music that was less commercial when it was released.

For example, there are hardly any tracks featuring the works of ltj bukem or plastikman on amazon's store. These artists were huge in their day, though, in different camps of the dance scene, and neither are represented on amazon. I mean, what if I would like to purchase albums of lesser recognized artists for example, Taylor Dupree or stuff from the Altar Records label?

iTunes does a better job at it. If they were to cancel their downloads it would be a huge disappointment, all things considered.

Does anyone have any words. This is all just frustrating.
popnwave 6:01 PM - 20 September, 2018
There is no one stop shop for DJ pools, or buying music in general. There is just too much stuff, too many genres for one place to cover.

For the stuff I play, Bandcamp, Beatport, 7Digital are where I go for AIFF/FLAC/WAV and if for some reason they don't have it, I check down to Amazon and then iTunes as last resort and get it compressed.

And if it's out of print or unavailable in my region (and my VPN can't get me around that), then the shady world of torrents come in to play.
Culprit 4:43 PM - 9 October, 2018
For the rare stuff I'm still buying DVDs and CDs, at least what's left in the market.

I have a few DVDs I bought for $5 at local shops that don't exist that fetch for up to $200 on Amazon