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AAX Support Please!

Chingy 3:25 AM - 5 August, 2018
I'm using Bluecat Patchwork, but would love a native AAX version in the future please!

Thank you for creating this!
Geir 6:30 PM - 22 August, 2018
Yes, please. I'm demoing it now and I like it, but this Patchwork hassle is a bit turn off I must admit, unfortunately.
TCDetroit 11:27 PM - 5 February, 2020
√ agree and that makes us three!

Bluecat is not an option 4me (Inconsistent)

please., i'll give an extra $50us for fire fund (your choice)
DuttyRedz 2:32 AM - 24 March, 2020
Agreed - AAX support for us Pro Tools users please! I’ve seen so many requests for this online..
Bluecat’s patchwork and Serato Sample Is really temperamental with midi for me.