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Dynamic Mixing Library - or DML MODE

DJwhizkid 9:47 AM - 14 July, 2018
Imagine a library that dynamically changes according to the current playing song/track, and shows only tracks that mixes perfectly with it.

How does it work?

1. Preparation.
Every time you "find" a good mix you click on a button to save it.

2. Executing.
When you play a track pressing the DML (Dynamic Mixing Library) button will tell the library to show only the songs that you saved for the playing track.

While practicing you're playing "track x" and find that "track d", "track g", "track q" and "track z" are mixing perfectly together with it. So you press the "DML Save" button for everyone of this matches, and the software is populating a special list for "track x" containing all of these songs.

Then, when you play "track x" you have the option to press the DML button and the library will toggle to the "DML Mode" and will show all the tracks you previously saved for this track:
"track d", "track g", "track q" and "track z".

Now as long as the "DML Mode is enabled" the library will change every time you load a new track and will show only tracks you saved especially for this track.

This feature will save DJs tons of time scrolling the library looking for the next song - and even more importantly will save the trouble of remembering all the good mixes.
Hanginon 1:24 PM - 14 July, 2018
This is actually a very cool idea, and essentially automates what a lot of us probably do.

Currently, I code "mixable song groups" in the "Comments".
All "MIX A" songs (Like MIX A1, MIX A2, MIX A3, etc.) mix with each other, all "MIX B" songs do the same thing, and so on up through Z. Then clicking on the"Comments" heading (ascending or descending) automatically groups them.
DJwhizkid 8:45 PM - 14 July, 2018
Tnx for the feedback.

Yeah, I assume most DJs apply this principle in one way or another. Im sure that a built-in system to create these "linked tracks" will surly help.
BeatWiz 9:39 PM - 16 September, 2018
Agree, this would be a great feature to have! Think we all do this in one way or the other, in our head, crates, comments etc etc.