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This release is not available in your territory -Casablanca/Republic/Roc Nation

CHUCK MC 5:21 PM - 2 May, 2018
Should i start again about this "territory dismissal" ? Seriously! I've taken a look at the latest releases and guess what ? The same message "This release is not available in your territory."

I figure out that the labels that do that the most are "Casablanca/ Republic Records " and

"Roc Nation / Republic ". How can DJ's make the crowd discover new tracks when they don't access it.

There are 6 years old tracks here that i still can't get due to territory dismissal. If no action is taken, boycotting these labels and artists will be the only solution.

Why should we subscribe to DJ pools and being blamed for our locations ?
Logisticalstyles 7:03 PM - 10 September, 2018 is gone....
CHUCK MC 4:40 PM - 11 September, 2018
Hi man,

I know. I received an e-mail in my inbox informing me. I didn't have time to add a few tracks in my crates as I had to prepare myself for a gig in Germany.
Serato made a great work and continues with great softwares. I will dive into Serato Sample. Productions need to be heard.