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How many speakers will I need?

young1 4:40 AM - 14 February, 2018
I have an event coming up, and I was wondering how many speakers will I need for crowd of 1000 indoors(ballroom)? I have done weddings before of about to 50 to 200 people, but nothing of this size. And what type of speakers also. Thanks!
Fin 10:53 AM - 14 February, 2018
This kind of question is hard to answer, as so many factors dictate the most suitable sound system for any venue.

However, I'd make some recommendations on the below:

- KV2 ES rig, maybe 4x18s & 2 tops.

- QSC E series is also very good in my experience.

You may want to look at what there is available to the venue locally, as you may need to hire and use what is available.
pdidy 11:22 PM - 14 February, 2018
How much money do you have in your budget to rent speakers ?

Do you want” just enough to get by” aka Bullshit sound , good sound or club sound ?
young1 5:13 AM - 15 February, 2018
pdidy, I would like good sound. I have already call my local GC to see what the cost for rental speakers. For $299, I would get 2 QSC 15s, 2 QSC 18s, 2 speaker stands, and four cables for four days. I have link below of the ballroom, so you guys can see what I might need.(Arlington Ballroom Theatre Style)
dj_soo 8:49 PM - 15 February, 2018
Probably need at least two more subs if not more for 1000 people.
577er 9:48 PM - 15 February, 2018
I’m in your area, I could get you two QSC 181 and two Yamaha DXR15s. Depending on when it is.
pdidy 12:42 AM - 16 February, 2018
iF you take a look at page 24 of QSC's application guide it shows you what QSC recommends. In my opinion the minimum you should you to qualify as "good" is 6 qsc kw181's & 4 qsc kw152.
young1 2:21 AM - 16 February, 2018
Well guys, I will be going to the venue next week and talk with the coordinator to see if they want the whole room filled with sound or just a certain area(dance floor). I forgot to tell you guys I already have a JBL prx718 sub, 2 EV ELX200-15s.
young1 2:26 AM - 16 February, 2018
Thanks pdidy.
dj_soo 5:23 AM - 16 February, 2018
Probably don’t want to use your prx sub with the kws as mixing and matching subs can sometimes do more harm than good.

The elx tops have a built in delay right? Could work as satellite speakers if you want to place them a little further away from the main rig.
young1 4:50 PM - 16 February, 2018
577er, the event is toward the end of next month the 24th.
577er 10:42 PM - 18 February, 2018
577er, the event is toward the end of next month the 24th.

Damn, I'm at a large wedding in Baltimore that night and will need that equipment. Guitar Center is cheap but kind of sketchy as they don't let you reserve equipment and make no promises about what will be on hand the day of your event.

Look up Protech in White Oak, MD, they can get you a pair of Yorkville 801s and powered three way tops for a decent price.
DJ_Dad 11:31 PM - 18 February, 2018
A nice sound would be something like a pair of rcf nx series (2 way linear array) mounted high and 4 18” subs of decent power. Ive seen 1000 covered nicely with this setup.

You could probably get away with 2 Yorkie 801s at a minimum of you wanted to keep the numbers down.