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TTM 57SL Software Driver Download?

DMUK 4:08 AM - 3 July, 2009
I recently turned up at a show that had the TTM 57SL mixer set up. My Laptop is running Vista and it wouldn't let me connect without installing the software cd for the TTM 57SL.

Just wondering where i can download this software as i will be playing the same venue again soon.

NawteeChild 12:36 AM - 8 August, 2009
having the same issue not sure what to do
djdannyd 1:32 AM - 8 August, 2009
can u got to 'start' -> 'programs' -> 'serato' -> 'scratchlive' -> 'update drivers'

make sure the hardware that you are updating drivers to is hooked up
rudy western 11:28 AM - 17 November, 2010
what if your at a club, and you plug your laptop in to the 57. and theres no internet to do the update?
djdannyd 3:10 PM - 17 November, 2010
can u got to 'start' -> 'programs' -> 'serato' -> 'scratchlive' -> 'update drivers'

make sure the hardware that you are updating drivers to is hooked up

you don't need Internet, follow the directions above
dj rocabesa 12:47 AM - 24 November, 2010
i have done that more than a few times and while at the venue it crashed and after downloading the drivers an hour before i was told that the device drivers needed to be installed again
dawson 12:15 AM - 17 December, 2010
tried following all the above suggestions but none of them seemed to work for me. I just tried to look for it from the drivers update site. (
Sticky K 4:00 PM - 20 December, 2010
The drivers are installed on your machine when you install serato.

This method will simply install the appropriate driver for the TTM 57.


can u got to 'start' -> 'programs' -> 'serato' -> 'scratchlive' -> 'update drivers'
djjorge18 6:55 PM - 1 April, 2011
no puedo instalar este mixer con mi pc windows 7
my loptop is a g71-340us notebook 64 bit
if you gay put the software to download going to be eze to instale thanks
djjorge18 7:01 PM - 1 April, 2011
or put some body to work weekends to good help people just like me i work mondays to fridays going to be helfull
DJ Half 7:01 PM - 1 April, 2011
djjorge18 7:04 PM - 1 April, 2011
hablas espanol bro
djjorge18 7:06 PM - 1 April, 2011
necesito ayuda para instalar este mixer
DJ Half 7:49 PM - 1 April, 2011
No hablas espanol. Ako magsalita tagalog. and english my friend.

What's wrong with your mixer?
terrible1fi 7:57 PM - 1 April, 2011
para instalar el mixer? solo tienes que instalar los drivers que vienen con el software.

luego como dijo el "sticky k" hay que hacer update los drivers

'start' -> 'programs' -> 'serato' -> 'scratchlive' -> 'update drivers'
djjorge18 10:36 PM - 1 April, 2011
ese es el problema no tengo sotware cuando compre el rane solo venia con el scratch live
djjorge18 10:46 PM - 1 April, 2011
donde lo puedo conseguir el sftware tengo que ir ala store donde lo compre a reclamarlo?
terrible1fi 6:09 PM - 3 April, 2011
no lo puedes bajar por la pagina de serato,
MelonHead 7:52 PM - 3 April, 2011
Ako magsalita tagalog. and english my friend.

Ako din.. lol
DJ Half 7:59 PM - 3 April, 2011
magkasama kami manalo!
DJ GOOK 9:51 PM - 7 April, 2011
what da hell is going on
MelonHead 11:57 PM - 7 April, 2011
DJ Half 1:43 AM - 8 April, 2011
We trying to help this guy out.
DJ_X_Trodinaire 1:43 AM - 8 April, 2011
hoy tahimik kayo dyan!
DJ Half 1:49 AM - 8 April, 2011
nagdaramdam. ako halo halo (mistiso)
GRiNDBoX 5:26 AM - 14 April, 2011
lol kulit ah..!!!
DJ Half 3:34 AM - 15 April, 2011
james karanja 12:33 PM - 24 February, 2017
want to feel it