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Hand Positioning for Scratching

DJZ92 12:36 AM - 8 November, 2017

I just wanted to know if me scratching from the 3 o'clock position will affect my ability to scratch effectively and or perform certain scratches. I've noticed almost all DJ's go from the 9 o'clock position but 3 o'clock is just more comfortable, does this matter?
DJ Matty Stiles 5:27 AM - 10 November, 2017
Ok so this is why DJ's have used the 9 ocklock position.

In the battle / philly position, where the positioning of the turntables are vertical rather than horizontal, that is to say, the tone arm is facing the crowd, DJs would adopt a 9 ockock position because your hand is at the furthest possible point from bumping the needle. If you're serious about backspinning and can forsee yourself doing backspins and maybe even body tricks down the track, then the 9 ocklock position is pretty necesary. Look at any DMC routine and theyre all in the 9 ocklock position. In my opinion it looks pretty amateurish if i see someone trying to scratch at 3 ocklock. Thats where the needle is.

Its not that hard to get used to. Just force yourself to do it. Practice practice practice. If youre relatively new to it all it shouldnt be too hard. The earlier you do it the better.
DJZ92 8:16 AM - 10 November, 2017
Why is it amaterish? I know the needle is there, if it sounds better does it matter? Will it effect the scratchs? Are there any other DJ's who do this? Is this taboo or just weird looking?
DJ Matty Stiles 11:01 PM - 10 November, 2017
It’s like when you see Wilt Chamberlain take free throw. His technique is all off but he’s developed that style out of habit. When you see basketball players take unorthodox free throws it’s usually bad habits that they have picked up and can’t be untaught. The same goes for holding a pen. It’s something you learn as a child in elementary school. So as I said the earlier the you correct it the better.

You ask “if it sounds better why does it matter?” Let me tell you if you bump the needle it’s not gonna sound better! To be honest it does look amateurish. It is taboo. Wilt channerlain can get away with it because he’s wilt chamberlain. You ask if there’s any DJ who does this. The only ones I’ve seen do it are kids on cheap controllers who have no clue what they’re doing. When you look at normal DJs and also the elite DJs. The 9 ocklock position is ubiquitous.
DJ Matty Stiles 11:07 PM - 10 November, 2017
I have to make a correction. I’m australian and don’t know very much about basketball. I just had a quick google search and realised wilt chamberlain sucked at free throws! So I guess that’s even more reason to change your habit