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Bug with DDJ-SZ2 - deck 1 LED ring turns off in "Enable MIDI Remap" mode

Hermanator 7:07 PM - 7 November, 2017
I noticed an odd quirk, which I think is a Serato bug with the DDJ-SZ2.

DDJ-SZ2 lights up a blue ring on Decks 1 and 2 jog wheels (white on 3 & 4).
All of them are lit when operating in Serato normally. No problems.

As soon as I check "Enable MIDI Remap" on the DDJ-SZ2 in the MIDI settings, Deck 1 jog wheel's blue LED ring turns off. I uncheck the box, and the LED turns back on.

The MIDI XML files are not interfering with this, because I do not have any of them loaded. Even when I do load one, it makes no difference to this LED.

"Enable Output Lighting" checkbox has no effect on this LED ring either.

It seems that by checking "Enable MIDI Remap" of DDJ-SZ2 causes Serato to fail to output the MIDI signal to turn on the blue LED ring.

Could you please patch this in the next update?

It's clearly a software issue, since the LED turns on reliably in all other circumstances.

Thank you!
Hermanator 1:49 AM - 8 November, 2017
Clearing my MIDI XML folder fixed this. I guess something was in my Autosave.xml by accident.

If anyone else has this sort of problem, just move all your XML files from the MIDI > XML folder to somewhere else. That fixed it for me, and I could move my files back afterward w/o issue.

AutoSave.xml can be weird sometimes (such as mysteriously growing larger & larger over time).