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How do I make my monitors connected to my DDJ SB2s play default sound?

conoro95 5:07 PM - 7 November, 2017
I have a pair of rokit 5's connected to my sb2s and want to be able to use them as default speakers for my laptop so I can use them for youtube etc but it doesn't now. Now I'm quite computer savvy and still can't get it to work so am just wondering if theres any specific steps i have to take with these devices since I'm new to them.

I've made the DDJs the default sound device in my playback settings and it's saying its a line connection and when sound is played you can see the levels but no sound is played. I've tried restarting browers, my laptop, checking all drivers but no to avail. Sound works just fine through Serato when I use that but not for general use.
conoro95 5:08 PM - 7 November, 2017
Yes my volume is up on the speakers and the DDJs and yes Serato is CLOSED
DJ Tecniq 10:47 PM - 7 November, 2017
I don't think it's possible with the SB2. Why are you wanting to play YouTube from the controller anyways? Have you tried switching the sound settings on your laptop?
conoro95 11:40 AM - 8 November, 2017
I'm just trying to use my monitors as the default sound device for my laptop and they're obviously connected to my SB2s. I've fixed this now by finding a setting which disabled exclusive use of certain devices to programs