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How to change tempo range on wego 3

Telony Ex 11:06 PM - 6 November, 2017
Interestion i just got this controller today and want to change the tempo range from default 8% to 16. I cant seem to find how to do that. Maybe i am over looking. But i dont see. Is there any way to change the range from the software itself. Still looking
Telony Ex 1:55 AM - 7 November, 2017
Ok so after doig some searching there is absolutely no way to change the pitch range On a wego and other entry level controllers.

Been an issue since 2012 according to this post.

Sad thing the work around by hold shift and moving the pitch slider while ur in sync does not work either.
I tried to map the said function but the option is not presented either.

Any suggestions
DjSyndic8 1:57 AM - 7 November, 2017
have you tried shift and keylock
Telony Ex 1:59 AM - 7 November, 2017
There is no key lock button on this controller. I did try holding shift and pressing the software keylock. Still nothing.

Very weird oversight by serato.
Dj KoolBreeze 10:24 PM - 8 November, 2017
Ok i did find a solution. I was able to find the range % change in midi maps settings.