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Denon Engine Prime / SC5000 and Serato tagged tracks

MixMasterGnl 9:23 AM - 6 November, 2017
Hi Forum,

I'm the author of the Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU) and other DJ Specific apps.
Yes I did read the terms and conditions of the forum, this will not be a commercial message.

While the Serato integration of Denon Engine Prime (EP) works for cues and loops (CLs), there are some serious limitations/compatibility issues that plague EP. These issues have not been documented anywhere but can cause problems ranging from results that are incomplete (e.g. tracks not being added to the EP collection, CL's not being delivered) to disaster (overwriting of all EP CL edits by Serato tags).

To explain most known issues I've created a video playlist. The purpose of this playlist list is not to sell my apps, nor to bash Denon EP. The only reason I 've created the playlist is to outline the hurdles my users and I have encountered over the past months and especially how to avoid them. The tutorials cover the more technical aspects of EP collection management not how you set cues or use effects.
Episode 4 is dedicated to Serato tags, however the other episodes cover subject that apply to Serato EP integration as well.
The video playlist is at

For those who use iTunes as collection manager and are interested in a more controlled and safer way to deliver CLs from Serato to EP and I've created a workflow that will work for you. This workflow will also translate iTunes Folder/playlists into nested created as opposed to EP's flat playlist structure.

If you have any questions about the Denon Prime platform then feel free to ask them. I'll try to answer what I can.