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Pioneer DDj Sx2 Dust Cover

djMcClaren 7:40 PM - 5 November, 2017
Has anyone purchased the Decksaver DS-PC ? It is a plastic cover that fits over the mixer to prevent dust. I would like to know do I have to remove the mixer from inside of the coffin for the cover to fit.
djcurly 8:57 PM - 5 November, 2017
I have an SX2 and use a Decksaver. I don't use a coffin but I can tell you that the Decksaver is less than 1/8" and overlaps the edge of the SX2 about 1/4'. If your coffin is lined with foam I don't think you would need to remove the SX2 to put the Decksaver on.
djMcClaren 1:46 AM - 6 November, 2017
Thank you.