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Feature request - custom original bpm

Sallll 7:55 PM - 4 November, 2017
Hi, i loaded a solo vocal file into serato sample, it detected the wrong original bpm and this is ok for a vocal sample, but it would be useful to have the option of inserting the correct bpm manually so that everything is in sync with the daw tempo.
I tried to add the bpm tag to the file, but without luck.
Thank you
Mike Diesel 4:16 PM - 23 November, 2017
I'm having the same question...its frustrating when working with Acapella.
BBN 1:31 PM - 30 November, 2017

We should be able to correct wrong detected BPM values the same way it's done in the Serato DJ software. Click on it an type in the correct value and also an option to half or double the BPM is needed.
Mike Diesel 11:01 PM - 30 November, 2017
Nope, not an option
BBN 1:57 AM - 1 December, 2017
Nope, not an option

Definitely two options:
1. Type the correct BPM if Serato Sample shows a wrong one on the left
2. Double or half the BPM

Just got a slow 80 BPM sample to show up as 160BPM and also the other way round.
In this case you can double or half the BPM of your DAW's project, but it's better to have the sample's BPM value shown correct to use sync to the DAW's project BPM.

And for a 130 BPM sample that shows up as 93 BPM instead of 130 BPM there is no usefull workaround.

So the easiest way would be what I said, that it should work like it does in Scratch Live, ITCH and Serato DJ. Click the BPM value of the sample, type in the correct one or just double or half it with Alt + Shift Up/Down.
Mike Diesel 3:03 PM - 1 December, 2017
Not sure how the other products work but with the sampler, you can not change the value in that field. Everything I put in there shows up wrong (80.3bpm instead of 80bpm).
Curtball 5:58 AM - 3 December, 2017
This would be a great update/fix
Reigny Day 7:29 AM - 7 January, 2018
Yup, definitely need to add manual inputs for BPM and Key in the update!
ole skool 4:43 PM - 12 January, 2018
DrUM EXTRACT WOULD BE NICE. Minimize the drum sounds in samples
dwuw 3:18 PM - 8 June, 2018
It is absolutely necessary that you are able to set bpm and key manually when Serato Sample analyzes it wrong.
I have a bunch of self recorded guitar and vocal loops (mostly 1 or 2 bars) where the bpm analysis is completely off the mark (e.g. 117 instead of 77) and there is no way to get them in Sync without such a manually bpm/key setting function.

Which means that right now am not sure whether to buy sample or not because without this function I can't do a lot of things with it that I hoped I can.