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Pulselocker is now telling me email needs to be validated but then won’t let me!

eroxx 1:24 PM - 3 November, 2017
When I try and log on it says the email address must be validated. But then when I click to validate, there is an error. So frustrating.
DJ NoNseNse 4:11 PM - 3 November, 2017
I'm getting the same message.
eroxx 1:14 AM - 4 November, 2017
Have you gotten it to work yet?
DJ NoNseNse 9:13 PM - 5 November, 2017
No I haven't got it to work
deejdave 9:48 PM - 5 November, 2017
Working on SDJ, RBDJ, VDJ (as well as web site) on Mac Windows and iOS for me.