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Lessons Learnt after disaster and general advice for Mobile DJs

StanSilas 3:33 AM - 3 November, 2017
This was my previous post:
This is a followup:
(Not meant to be a complete all in all guide, but it should serve as a heads-up)

Of the various things I learnt that night,
1) Never compromise on equipment:
The most important was the importance of high quality equipment. If you can't buy it rent good equipment. Save up money to buy later.

Stick to the battle tested brands like EV/QSC etc

2)Never think twice
The trade-off between the money invested on good equipment vs the pain/trauma you have to undergo when your cheap equipment fails is not at all worth it.

3) Never get too comfortable:
Don't be lazy and never get too comfortable, treat every gig as your first.
Because things can go wrong in a million different ways.

4) When in doubt, ask:
If you are ever stuck with something that you can't figure out but you know something is off, talk to your DJ buddy . It will help you debug the issue much quickly.

5) Network Network Network and Learn Learn Learn:
Build a good rapport with other DJ's and network. When you don't have a gig. Accompany them to their gigs. Learn new techniques and stuff and learn the tricks of the trade.

6)Safety First:
Always use the highest quality power cables, so that they keep your equipment safe and also make the environment safe for the people in the event.

7) Power at the Venue :
I'm not sure about what to write under this segment, but I believe it is better to go there a day in advance and try to understand the the power situation at the venue. Like mentioned here :
Otherwise even the best of speakers can sound like they are squealing underwater.
May be you can use some transformer or power smoothing thingy to ensure proper supply

8) Have `proper` insurance .

9) Have a clear discussion and signed agreement with the client that they shouldn't mess with your equipment or crowd around the dj booth.

10) Don't undersell , get paid for your worth:
getting gigs might be hard , but if you undersell, you will be unhappy, you won't make money, you won't be able to afford good equipment.
You will be screwing yourself along with other dj's as all clients will want unrealistic prices.
Create multiple pricing packages and make it according to the amount of work that goes into it.
If possible, explain to them the various factors that go into DJ'ing (transport-buying new music- maintaining equipment - setting up breaking down equipment etc etc)

"Discuss with your fellow DJs and make it a point not to dj for cheap rates." Think about the bigger picture, not short term gains.

11) whatever makes sense and is necessary !
Ollieboy 4:54 AM - 3 November, 2017
i think it may have been the power supply or cabling. I've never seen speakers die that quick. thanks for the info. hope your next gig is smooth.