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DJs might dig this iOS Music Player, like a virtual record collection

Deep (like the ocean) 8:57 AM - 2 November, 2017
Informal 1 minute screencast:

If you're the kind of person who listens to albums cover to cover, or would like to manually arrange your records instead of going through a boring alphabetized list, or are just really annoyed with the iOS Music app (like I am), you should check this out!

If you'd like play with it, please send a note with your name and email to and I will send you an invite. *PLEASE* mention Serato somewhere in your email or subject, so I know how you found this.
M.adaM 10:30 AM - 2 November, 2017
Now this app should work not only with Serato, but also with Duett and all other desktop extension to iOS device.
So when I browse the Serato library of mine and select the album, allow me to select the desired track and also allow the load it to A,B,C, or D deck.

These extension apps can handle 2 Ipad (pod, phone), the user could use 1 on each side of the main display (or even 4 devices, so every deck could have its own, dedicated browsing screen.)

If Serato can't update their UI to satisfy their users needs, than outsiders should do it.

This is the best DJ friendly solution I ever seen. (I'm from the analog side, used vinyl for a decade and a half)

Logisticalstyles 11:59 PM - 2 November, 2017
It really feels like digging through crates. Much nicer than the iOS Music app.