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Anyone using the latest (2017) Macbook Air?? How's that working for ya??

WyzeWon 2:53 AM - 31 October, 2017
Recently had a drink spilled on my MBP and am looking for a replacement...right now the decision is between a refurbed 2015 MPB or a new i8 MBA...I'm aware of the non-compatibility with High Sierra right now and it's likely that both of these machines will have High Sierra installed, but Serato should figure that out soon enough.

Anyone using a newer MacBook Air?? How's it working for ya??
djnovaEST 2:12 PM - 31 October, 2017
For past 6 months im using macbook 12 inch (2016) and this laptop so far THE BEST laptop i ever bought for DJing.

Using this laptop 2-3 times per week on each gig and never had any issues.

So i guess with your Air will be the same
DJGAVT 8:47 PM - 5 November, 2017
I have an Air I brought in 2016 and it works great with Serato DJ.